I’ve lately noticed that the time I commit to a specific action often has less to do with the stated goals of the action that I’m working on than the next action, one that hasn’t yet emerged.

The most important feature of any project that I’m involved in is the people that I’m working closely with. Practicing the successful accomplishment of the action goals provides me the experience of establishing bonds that can be exercised again. Using an action to put people that haven’t worked together in contact with one another, and noticing when those folks have profited from the experience, I can store that information for the next action that could use this established trust.

Often the overt political goal of a particular action is secondary to the covert, larger goal of establishing relationships and cementing bonds. The medium of social and political change is people. Yet the medium of change, human beings and the bonds they form, transcends the specific goals they are working on. Multiply the trust and friendship of comrades in this fight for social change by the number of people in the culture and we end up with the profound transformation that we seek. Working for peace, building trust and making friends make peace. Ending war is about making connections.


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