There is a term in hypnosis that describes the process whereby profound systemic change occurs in a patient with a debilitating condition while the transformation is masked to the patient’s self awareness.  Their attention has been diverted to an unrelated event.  Therapy often ends when the patient loses the desire to see the therapist, the presenting problem having disappeared.  Change without awareness.

Observing society around me, I am struck by how much is changing.  Debilitating conditions begin to lift, but how little we seem to be aware of the transformation.  Our attention is focused on what media chooses to present in news and entertainment.  We are told to fear.  What we are told to fear changes from year to year.  We are guided to experience intimidation by circumstances outside our control.

There are layers in this world we live in.  There is a belief on the Left that those with money control the information that those of us without money receive.  In this way, the wealthy compel us to behave in ways that keep the wealthy rich.  That may be true, but additional forces are at work.  Like a Russian doll, forces within forces are in play.  As we are distracted by the message of the mainstream message makers, fundamental transformation continues unobserved, in this case unknown even to the makers of the message.

Unconscious does not mean not conscious.  There is that which is conscious outside of awareness.  Just as there is that part of me that I am not usually consciously aware of that guides my life, there is a societal presence, a characteristic of society that guides its progress that society is not aware of.

The hypnotherapist, when engaging in change, forms an alliance with the patient’s unconscious, the other conscious–the conscious that is outside the patient’s awareness.  Fundamental to the transformation is the relationship established between the therapist and the patient’s other conscious mind.

In a similar way, in societal connections, healing alliances have been and are being made.  When I was born, there was no such thing as an environmental movement.  In thirty years, there will be no such thing as a national leader who is not also an environmental advocate.

When we awaken from this trance of transformation, there will be no more war.


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