Both sides of the debate have been accused of behaving in ways that disrupt the unity that exists against the war.  Both sides have said, if I understand them correctly, that there is no unity to have been broken.

As I understand them, one group of advocates, the mid Left, see their actions as making it possible to bring in new groups and individuals, although many members of the first group are uncomfortable participating with what they perceive as the “far Left”.

A primary feature of the “far Left” is a focus on U.S. behavior internationally.  Viewed from an international perspective, many of the far Left have concluded that the differences in behavior between Democrats and Republicans are relatively small.

Many of the groups and individuals that this one group of advocates, the mid Left, is seeking to bring into this war debate do not focus on U.S. behavior internationally.  The following is a generalization, not applying in many cases, but African-American, union and other groups not associating with the far Left do not share the far Left view that Democrats and Republicans are little different.

Their focus is local, not international.

There is a major split in the Left that can be framed as those that view the Democrats as allies or potential allies, because there is a not small difference between Republicans and Democrats on domestic issues, and those with an international perspective.  Granted, Democrats have failed expectations on the domestic front incalculable times, but there are major differences between the two parties when viewing local, not international, accomplishments.

We’re going to get universal health care.  Republicans will vote against it.

I don’t believe with some advocates for the mid Left or the far Left that the other left is behaving in ways that create a schism.  As both sides have noted, that difference already existed.  Minorities, unions and many others are not showing up to the mass protests organized by the far Left.  The far Left does not embrace with enthusiasm events where Democrats appear on stage.

I’m seeing a lot of upset people calculating degrees of blame for the distress that they are experiencing.  It boils down to this.  Viewed internationally, Democrats suck.  Viewed locally, Democrats may suck, but for folks that don’t have shit, they have come in handy.  If we’re only able to ally ourselves with one of these two perspectives, we have a schism.


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