Moveon specializes in software that enhances the ability of a small group of people to match issue with action within a short-term current event news cycle in order to compel a powerful response from membership in a way that both draws in new members and raises funds.  Moveon specializes in creating an experience of empowerment among a population not frequently involved in political action.  They do so by designing actions to bring in media (while guiding activists on how to do so) and by seeking actions that bring in enough participants that participants feel empowered by the experience.  In addition, when seeking funds through an email campaign, Moveon is very specific about where funds are being targeted while often tying fundraising to a specific current event or compelling issue.

Social networking software also offers an empowering experience of a totally different nature.  Users of social networking software are able both to accumulate and store digital resources (interest markers) in a customized digital space that they themselves can decorate while establishing a wider and wider circle of friends and acquaintances to share those resources with.  Users of social networking software create a space that reflects their unique tastes and circle of friends.  This circle of friends does not have the usual limits.  Geography, accessibility and status markers are barriers no longer.  Users can gather friends both based on common interests and on shared friends or friends of friends.  People they would never have had contact with they can discover and get to know through intermediary friends and acquaintances separated by multiple degrees of separation.  The software allows users to note and examine these indirect contact pathways or degrees of separation.

PJEP, with its unique SNAPAP programming, merges two different forms for empowerment, political (Moveon) and personal (social networking).  Users are introduced to political action that encourages positive experience (matching action, issue and current event with media coverage and robust activist turnout) along with a viral decimation of the action details through multiple degrees of separation software characterized by social networking applications.  Still, users are introduced to another level of social networking characterized by an enhanced experience of empowerment.

Each individual action or campaign has its own online lineage chart that notes the exact influence each activist has upon his or her community at large.  Revealed are both the direct and indirect effects of each activist on other activists involved with the specific issue/action.  Whereas in social networking the software only tracks your degrees of separation or lineage based on initial contact with the next person down the line, SNAPAP tracks the exact nature of your relationships for every online action or campaign, providing detailed information revealing the number of people involved in an action (including those you influenced), the degrees of separation or depth a campaign has inspired (including how many degrees extend from your participation), the speed an action courses through a community of activists and the geographic distance an action travels from its origin.

Activists are able to perceive and examine their exact position in their community in relation to the activities that they are engaged in.  The detail of information about an action or campaign is far greater than that previously available to even the heads of organizations.  Political and personal empowerment merge as individuals are offered panoramic action overviews, an ability to experience their exact indirect effects on the surrounding activist community, an unprecedented access to tools and an astonishing ability to view online the exact connection an activist has with that which is larger than himself or herself.

Feeling personally empowered is about feeling confident that we can make a difference while feeling secure that we are important in our community.  Merging political empowerment and personal empowerment paradigms, SNAPAP offers an opportunity to see and feel how exactly we belong.

SNAPAP was initiated on 11/10/08 with It is testing now to be introduced nationally within the week.


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