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Religion and spirituality are not about words, stories, myths, beliefs or spiritual experience.  Religion and spirituality are about behavior.  And it’s about music.

That being our definition, the world spiritual renaissance has begun.  Still, it’s important we not notice.

You’d have to turn off the TV to get a hint of this reality.  Statistics supporting our more respectful treatment of each other are rarely shared; and there’s little effort to mention the decline in rape, murder and other violent crime.  There are more than twice as many people in this country than there were when I was little.  Yet there’s less death by violence.

Yoga and martial arts are everywhere.  Oprah is revered by gazillions.  Politically active, I’ve never seen a fist fight or even a pushing match between opponents.

A shared experience that we are part of something larger than ourselves–the environmental movement–is tidal-waving itself into contemporary consciousness.

Believing religion or spirituality is about something other than behavior, we think that religion and spirituality is a small part of our lives, of our culture.  Not the case.

Believing what we see on TV, we think that the way we treat each other is characterized by fear and drama.  Statistics say otherwise.  Experience says otherwise.

Religion and spirituality are about behavior.  Our behavior grows more considerate and compassionate with every passing day.  Why is this not obvious to us?

Because we have the wisdom to know that we should not pay attention.  Self conscious, we’d forget to listen to the music and lose where we are in the dance


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