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Category: Myth/Story, Society

I don’t believe that our origin myths or beliefs about how evolution unfolds causes our societal structures.  It is not how we structure our culture that decides the stories we create.  Story and reality are inextricably all mixed up.  One doesn’t cause the other.  They are both the same.

Scientific theory, societal scripts that suggest the most important thing a government does is wage war and nurture an environment safe for corporations and what we tell ourselves inside our heads, are all emerging from the same mind.  That mind is changing.  The story is changing.

The stream of consciousness can’t easily be grasped.  Go ahead, dip a bucket in it and take a drink.  Oops, already the current you just visited has drifted on downstream.  It’s hard to understand the story you might be telling yourself while telling yourself a story about the story you might find.

Still, a landscape filled with water, land and sky inextricably related are still divisible or describable by words, at least, we can tell ourselves a story that this is so.  Regardless, 1) a story that says evolution unfolds according to the results of aggressive animals eating less aggressive competitors, 2) theories of human beings evolving because of aggressive male behavior, 3) corporations thriving because government allows them no restrictions, or 4) an individual’s experience of feeling dominated by feelings of frustration or dismay …. are all intricately connected.

They’re all the same story.


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