Modern Miracles

April 25, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Category: Auto-Biography

I have lived through miracles in my lifetime.  Perhaps the most transforming miracle was the USSR’s sudden transformation into Russia and other states.  My lifelong nightmares of nuclear war disappeared when the Berlin Wall crumbled.  I have a piece of that wall.  A friend harvested it from the rubble.

My personal ontogeny or ongoing unfolding has always felt connected to the state of international politics.  My son once woke from a dream with tanks chasing people.  He hadn’t known it, but tanks rolled into Lebanon while he slept.  My personal metaphors or stories have also been entwined with stories from the news.

I notice that I closely experience the dynamic of my own personal evolution as a reflection of the transformation that our culture is engaged in.  There is a mirroring going on.  Specifically, I note the influence of the abyss.  In my dreams, there would be the threat of atomic bombs.  My job in my dreams was to get my group to safety.  Dream after dream, I’d be marshalling people to safety.  The bombs would often go off.  Terror.  Death.

Over the course of decades, the dreams evolved.  Less terror.  The journeys to safety acquired more detail.  In the very last dream, my mother and I walked outside to watch the atomic bombs, like fireworks, light up the night sky.  I was not afraid.  I did not need to run.

In my own life, early on, I crawled or walked the cliff by the abyss.  The details are lost, but not the certainty that an alternative to life is ever present.  That certainty has informed how my life has unfolded.  At first, that alternative felt to be about death and the terror of death.  I was stalked by death into my 20s.  Nightmares.  Waking up screaming.  My relationship with that alternative has slowly changed.  The alternative to life became about what transcends life, the miracles that suggest its origins and what’s beyond.  My understanding continues to transform.  The alternative to life, paradoxically, becomes life itself.

So changes my life, so changes the world.  I sense our species/world having crawled the abyss as I have done, exploring where the limits are, looking at death.  I sense our decision process, our collective-conscious deliberation as we’ve taken fingers off the buttons and now face the need to embrace each other to keep our planet healthy.  We now form an interconnecting web, making the decision to become stewards of one another and the planet.  The experience of facing nuclear conflagration and stepping back was how this global civilization home-stretch journey to choose life began.

Not an Obama supporter, I still experienced it as a miracle when Iowans voted him number 1.  Many miracles are coming.  There is no avoiding them.  We’ve made the decision to revere life.  And as the world goes, so do we who are its children.


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