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April 28, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Category: Neoteny, Society

Just as there are fundamentalists in religion, there are fundamentalists in science.  Neo-Darwinians usually are about as talented at listening as evangelical creationists.

Whereas neoteny displays evidence of infant playfulness in adults, fundamentalism reveals an inability or unwillingness to change.

In politics as in science, there are compulsions to explore the unexplored and play with principles in ways that will provide deeper insight, make life better or allow us to exercise compassion.

Patterns can be common to several disciplines.  Neoteny manifests in evolutionary biology, medicine, societal transformations and personal growth.  Fundamentalists are often threatened by ideas that slop over from one area into another.  Playing with ideas often results in change.  Idea play is not a fundamentalist hallmark.

Still, a person may be playful, but his beliefs may be staid.  A person may be creative but his ideas firm.  I would have to conclude that I can form no firm conclusion.

Paradoxically, that would suggest that a belief that fundamentalists are defective would be wrong.  That belief would make the believer a fundamentalist, because it is firm.  Only by not believing anything can we have play genuinely emerge.

Play has no enemies.


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