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Like cops with water cannons at mass protests, we’re seeking to sweep the streets of prophets, hoping those that want the future now will go away.

Television offers few visions but its own:  be afraid, buy now, be skeptical of change.  If there’d been TV before the Civil War and woman suffrage, the pundits would have scoffed at the end of slavery and a women’s vote, until they arrived.

Do we really think that the United States is not going to follow Europe?  National health care is coming.  Secular humanism is our future.  A politics of peace is on the way.

Our prophets are not the people on TV, but ourselves.  We know what the coming changes look like.  We know the way we want the world to be.  Some of us are in the streets holding signs up.  Most of us are grumbling to our friends.  Still, it doesn’t take a psychic to see what’s coming.

Turn off the TV.  Protesters are expressing mainstream, deep desires.  Prophets are being transformed into pragmatists as the impossible becomes the probable, and the probable becomes the truth.  Change is not the future; change is now.


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