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Category: Activism, Art

Making sand castles is about having fun.  Writing has something to do with stationing myself where divergent themes converge, trolling for meta themes where the overlap occurs.

Art is about the process, and that process changes over time, serving different purposes, depending on my age, my mood, my life, the medium, and how I feel about myself.  The more I’m able to let go and not obsess about how my creations will be received, the more peaceful is the process of creation.  When the process becomes exclusively about the process and I’m there just to accompany the flow, neat things happen.

As a social/political change activist, I notice similar principles are at work.

I focus almost exclusively on process.  I’m not the guy writing the text explaining the hypocrisy, noting the incongruity or getting the word out on the atrocity.  I’m attracted to the process that makes it possible for the final outcome–effective sharing of that information–to be achieved.  Particularly interested in communication, I pay close attention to what makes productive relationships possible.

As an artist, attention to process encourages an embracing of the self.  Feeling heard by myself, it is easier to share.

As an activist focused on process, I am one less person struggling to control the message, making it a little bit easier for deeper communications to get through.

Perhaps paradoxically, one of the deeper messages is, change is about being in the present.

In art as in activism, attention can have significant effects.


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