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What are various ways to influence our own evolution and influence the characteristics of our children?  By paying close attention to what we eat, whom we choose to mate with, where we live on the planet relative to light, what we smoke, drink & drug, how we exercise,  how much stress we experience …. all these things influence sexual hormone levels that determine the rate and timing of the maturation rates of our descendants.  It has been calculated that genetically, we are almost identical to chimpanzees and bonobos, with the exception of differences of rates and timing in our maturation.

Consider that our unconscious minds have been fully engaged in this process forever, coordinating specifics with the planet as a whole, making modifications, encouraging the emergence of features both interesting and useful.

Noting that the right-handed modern mind manifests left-brain strengths, we could call this a vast right-brain conspiracy.

I’m entertained by the idea that our conscious minds are the froth on the wave on the ocean of life.  Unfathomable depths of consciousness descend below us.  A primary presupposition of the biological sciences is that because consciousness cannot be measured, it is not weighed as a variable when considering how life unfolds.  Leaving out this variable would be like fishing without noting the influence of the weather or the water.

On the American Left are proponents of theories of hidden hands pulling levers and creating conditions that are responsible for the world we live in.  Conspiracy theories often feel like the equivalents of religious myths to me.  Radicals and evangelicals share a belief that a nearby, yet hidden, centralized power is influencing our daily lives.

Consider that these radicals and evangelicals might be right.  Except the power is not centralized; we’re part of the power structure.  We’re not aware of it because it’s our unconscious in control.

Imagine it finally getting out what’s really going on.  Someone’s unconscious comes in out of the cold, sharing the whole vast network of hidden agents with a representative of the conscious world.

Very few of us speak the language of the unconscious. Consider that agents from the other side are emerging often, but misinterpretation is the norm.  Our unconscious language skills are so poor that the information that we’re getting is almost useless.

Or, consider that many of us are secretly cooperating with this vast, hidden network of evolution manipulators.  Consider that all of us are secretly cooperating with this conspiracy of change.


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