Often undervalued are the benefits of death.  At the same time, death’s distressing repercussions are often ignored.  This dance of epiphany and dread passes by like an almost soundless Main Street circus parade comprised of Hollywood Academy Award celebrities high-stepping down the boulevard holding hands with children dying of depleted uranium poisoning.  Planted inside the rolling cages with thriving wild creatures are people’s pets with rabies.

Is death always followed by release?  Something peculiar seems to be happening the older I grow.  After a person passes, bonds I experience with the living become bonds I experience with the living that are dead.  The bonds do not break.

The present becomes informed by presence.

As if the world were not mysterious enough with its incalculable times incalculable number of webbed interconnections coyly encouraging our use of single narrative threads to suggest a non-narrative ever-present, evolving now.

Add to that our loved ones disappearing when they die.  Granted, they drag a part of us with them, making us wise whether we like it or not.

Wise like a guru spending Tuesday in the Old Country Buffet.  Students bringing gifts from the meat island.  Guru having plenty already.


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