It is not beyond consideration that the web is beginning to exhibit emergent characteristics that would suggest how intelligence evolves. Online, we can assume that consciousness exists. Hundreds of millions of consciousness derivations are behaving, invested in specific personal outcomes. Unexpected synergies are beginning to surface. Observing this online evolution, we might form tentative hypotheses on how earth’s biological infrastructure evolved.

Developing theories of biological evolution that presuppose that consciousness exists is not the same thing as presupposing that a mythological god intervened to both start the process of evolution and makes sure that the process unfolds to his or her satisfaction. Presupposing that consciousness exists, thinking outside the box of not considering god as a variable that you cannot isolate and weigh, you offer space for alternative conclusions. We tend to constrain our thinking by not taking into consideration the very thing that makes our thinking unique, consciousness, and the possibility that consciousness in not an emergent feature of evolution but the very instrumentation with which evolution plays, the ocean that the fish is unaware of.

In other words, instead of beginning your evolutionary theorizing by presupposing that god does not exist nor have influence on biological evolution, we begin our theorizing by designing your god or assigning god features that best suggest a theory that offers in its results features of the world we live in. This may seem ass backwards. We begin with the answer, our experience, and seek a theory that suggests the obvious conclusion. If this process offers no useful outcomes, we’ve composed a story. If the process offers useful outcomes, we’ve composed a useful story. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that we are discovering reality. We are simply seeking to create a useful map. We are playing.

If you’ve been following this blog, you know I have a dog in this race. I’m partial to a god that loves to play. I’ll bet on Play to finish first, though the other dogs fascinate me only a little less. For example, a god of mischief manifests joy by encouraging the unexpected. I, for one, am prepared to be totally confused.

Which brings us back to the web. I’m suggesting that the web is offering a more than robust, real-time, in-your-face manifestation of evolution in action with the emergence of unexpected, profound, synergistic change. Focus on where features or locations characterized by subtle and complicated interconnections compel a following of passionate adherents. There is a good chance that these places have something to do with having fun. Is it possible that complexity is emerging as a direct result of play?

In the next few years, we will be honored to observe the dissolution of nation states, the conversion of traditional elite democracy into a flattened, online, horizontal electorate, the integration of the web and social networking into our lives, the facing and embracing of world hunger and disease and the conversion of the consumer economy to one based on choice and aesthetics.

Teach a man to fish and he can feed his family. Encourage a person to play and he/she can feed the world.


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