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June 24, 2008 | 4 Comments

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An equitable, robust educational system, voting integrity and widely dispersed media control are three long-term structural legs or foundations that encourage a transparent, diverse and nonhierarchical organized society.  These are infrastructure issues that empower the proponents or advocates of specific concerns by nurturing a society that offers its citizens high quality information and the resources and beliefs that they as individuals can make a difference.

Watching the not-so-slow-motion collapse of our economic system, I wonder how specifically we’re going to get from here to there.

The arc of societal evolution from the age of god kings to the present day can be followed by tracing the transformations of these three conceptual threads:  transparency, diversity and horizontal communication.  The path is clear.  Until recently, it might have taken more than one lifetime to see the unfolding of the pattern.  Where we stand now, one lifetime is more than enough to see the elements align and realign.  The transformation is happening all around us.

Focus on where the greatest tumult congregates and ask yourself how these deeply disturbing events can result in the ascendance of the opposite.  Individual and societal attention on those places where society has most gone awry can suggest the path to the transformative other side.  This path would be one characterized by transparency, diversity and horizontal communication.  Paying attention, we can see the passage or route, a snakelike trail, that this wax and waning leaves behind.

Implied in our economic implosion is an alternative economic paradigm that suggests/demands world oversight of national economies, transparency, communication systems capable of transmitting high quality information (a media that will share news bad for corporations), an education system that values integrity and encourages diversity and a voting system that allows noncorporate representatives an ability to legislate.

The play of balance and the play of evolution are the same play.  In the same way that the snake moves forward by pushing itself in opposite directions, society evolves by pushing against or exploring the limits of the medium of life.

We know in what direction we are evolving.  A fair and equal educational system, voting integrity and media control returned to the people are signposts that will tell us when we’ve turned the corner on another winding of this road.


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  1. Ken Makow on June 24, 2008 10:54 pm

    “demands world oversight of national economies” …who’s going to do that? You and Marcia and the other 7 in the Politburo?

    “media control returned to the people” who controls it now? sounds like anti-semitic code to me. You and Marcia are a couple of those anti-Zionist, alientated Jews no doubt.?

    i love you Lehman…your theories on the Origins of Autism are brilliant…but you’re an elitist commie.

    you yourself have the answers…neuro-diversity writ large will erode the “death-drive” over time creating market-based societies with new value systems. Revolution? Just a great Beatles song.

  2. Puss on January 9, 2012 12:21 am

    This site is like a classroom, epcxet I don’t hate it. lol

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  4. unkwlm on January 12, 2012 7:09 am

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