Consider that a characteristic of awareness is that it is an integration of opposites.

Most humans are at least two distinct persons, or at least they feel or behave like that is true.  People argue with themselves, consider themselves their own worst enemy, are in internal conflict, have mixed feelings, feel torn, are of two minds, can’t make decisions, experience deep remorse, second guess themselves and often feel out of control of their own behavior.

Peace has been characterized by neither side winning, but both sides experiencing an embrace.  It takes two to be one, noting that when one arrives, the two don’t go away.

Observing/experiencing the dynamics of biological evolution, societal evolution, individual ontogeny and personal biography, I listen/feel for how awareness makes transitions.  As Darwin observed in his metaphor of many wedges, we are each always pushing against our boundaries, creating the opportunity for the environment to inform who we are and what we become.  This process of exploration, or play, occurs at all four evolutionary scales.  Awareness morphs depending on whether we are identified with many or the all, or a single, or as in the case of most people, a split twin.

This morphing of awareness might be a meta evolution or an evolution of the nature of awareness over time.  Probably not.  I suspect that in the same way that a child plays by demarking the boundaries of his or her world of make believe, or in the way that an artist picks his or her boundaries when making a choice of medium and how that medium will be exhibited, awareness only evolves in the context of the boundaries awareness has created.  Awareness makes the sandbox to play in like a child, staying within the boundaries of the box.  Awareness explores, like an artist explores, exploring the medium of existence.  But, awareness does not evolve.  Awareness plays.  Yet, like a parent, awareness revels in the discoveries of its children and its artists.  Awareness loves to see boundaries violated.  It loves new.

Exploring awareness, a kind of conversation between parent and child is engaged, passive and active, embrace and embraced.  There is a suggestion of two, but not a split.  Perhaps the seeming twinning is a vagary of language.

Awareness may or may not evolve but definitely seems to transform.  Human awareness emerges pure, gets bruised, splits and then seeks reconciliation.  We experience this individually.  This same process occurred on an evolutionary scale over the last several hundred thousand years.  A precursor human was not self-aware.  Over time, a split emerged.  Language blossomed.  We individually seek integration.

The riddle that I’m wrestling with is the difference between one and every, the individual and all.  As a split mind, when I look at nature, at the individual animal in nature, at a human embryo, at a severely autistic person, I am not sure how to parse out the single from the singularity.  Are they both the same?

The reductionist response is that the question makes no sense.  We’re not dealing with measurable quantities.  It is not relevant to a study of evolution.

But like awareness, I’m having fun while involved in play.


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