Einstein is noted as having said, “I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details.”  Einstein presupposed that there is sense to the universe and has suggested that his attempts at discerning those patterns were based upon an assumption of their invention by an artist/god.

How strange that physicists look for larger patterns while traditional evolutionary biologists urge random interpretations of the origin and evolution of the living world.  There are ways that contemporary evolutionary biological theory feels pre-Newtonian.  Both groups have subscribed to a belief that the big patterns are beyond them.  One sometimes says it’s god and way too subtle; the other says it’s random with no overarching structure.

Social scientists seem to defer to the biological rather than to the cosmological frame of reference when exploring the progression of societal stages or cultural transformations.  That deference places the Left at a decided disadvantage as it seeks to establish a paradigm that supports institutions taking responsibility or offering assistance to individuals with poor access to resources.  Social theorists, relying upon classical Darwinian interpretations of experience, tend to think in terms of the theory of natural selection as their operating model for natural systems, whereas natural selection is used to support Social Darwinism, which encourages the elite.  The Left, tending to see the world as largely connected, is left with an evolutionary theory that emphasizes disconnected and random relations, hypothesizing that existing connections are only emergent features of competing forces.  We’re all connected by mistake.

The Left reflexively withdraws from spiritual interpretations of experience.  Einstein’s god, a god that provides theorists guidance on how the universe is structured, is not a god that the Left embraces.  The Left is still suffering from mythic, patriarchal god buyer’s remorse, behaving like spiritual experience is necessarily accompanied by repressive traditions and an uber alpha male interventionist god with a compulsion to make things different in the world of men and be respected for it.

It doesn’t help that the Right Wing alliance between Social Darwinists (neo-conservatives & capitalists) and social conservatives unites those that profit from evolutionary biological nihilism and the post- modern remnants of a mythic tribal god.  Now there’s a marriage made in hell.

So where is the place for an evolutionary biology informed by an artist/god creator that supports and encourages an American Left seeking to manifest in policy and behavior the ideal of brotherly and sisterly love?

Einstein also said, “That deep emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God.”

I would suggest that this same Einsteinian perspective can be true in evolutionary biology, including studies of social transformations, as is the case in Einstein’s god-informed cosmological macro and micro universe.  God can be in all kinds of details, including the biological and social, not just the very large, very small or very far away.

From William Paley over 200 years ago to Ken Wilber today, writers and scientists see spirit in life and eloquently communicate how they experience the divine in the biological everyday.  Still, the pattern detection capabilities that Einstein exhibited, inspired by how he estimated god creates, are not exercised in explorations of the biological and social spheres.  Our theorists are not encouraged to think like god.

The Left has something to gain by embracing Einsteinian interpretations of the biological and social spheres.  Presuppose that the patterns reveal intelligence.  Try thinking like god.  The details might reveal a biological/social paradigm of compassion.


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