August 13, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Category: Society, Web

The medium is the message.  It is perhaps most true when examining websites and the Internet.  As important as a message or an issue is, the way that it is communicated can have as much if not more impact than the words themselves.

With the web being all about transparency, diversity and horizontal communication, it has still not become obvious to a majority of the Left that it is a perfect vehicle for lifting Left priorities and carrying them into the mainstream.  The medium is the message.

This is a Zen revolution where words are not what makes the change.  It’s a content-free transformation allowing a massive flattening without rhetoric or a knocking down of walls.

When the medium is the message, what does it mean when the power of the medium is in the words it does not say?

We know what TV and radio sound like.  What is the sound of one web crackling?


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