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September 3, 2008 | Leave a Comment

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That a young, half-black, half-white man has achieved the position of Democratic nominee for the presidency is, to say the least, unexpected.  It was a black friend that alerted me that in the U.S., prejudice, antipathy toward minorities, is so deep that a person showing any evidence of African genetics is described as black.  A new paradigm has been emerging the last few years.  Advertisers seeking to communicate with the young frequently use mixed-race actors, often of difficult-to-interpret, unique blends, in their advertising imagery.  The hybrid is becoming popular at several levels.  Hybrid vigor as opposed to mulattos slandered is growing stronger as an undercurrent in contemporary intuitions for what is right and good.

Obama is a rarity among politicians, a walking congruity.  He speaks of bridging opposites.  He himself is that very bridge.  What is extraordinary is that this walking, talking metaphor goes even deeper.  A rarity among politicians, Obama maintains his message at deeper levels.

Below the surface, Obama has encouraged a candidate support structure characterized by social networking.  Social networking features a seemingly infinite number of spontaneous interconnections empowering the participants with knowledge of people and events far from their immediate area.  Users of social networking experience that they can influence people and events, and they can observe people they know having influence.  This culture is not one that believes that individuals have no power.  It is a culture that understands that in unity is strength, and that unity is based upon what is agreed upon this moment.

The Obama campaign is building bridges almost as fast as an infant’s brain creates neurological synapses.  The potential for spontaneous creativity is unlimited.

Right now, Obama is the center or focus of a medium designed to harness the attentions of participants by empowering the individual within the group.  As months unfold, this communication will become a multisided dialogue manifesting in a conversation between the many and the one.  Unlike former administrations where leaders represent almost solely the interests of the elites, this one looks like a hybrid government where the executive will be informed by the network that put him in his position, a network that is growing familiar with having unconventional goals and achieving those goals.

Watch for an administration where the executive uses the network and the network uses the executive.  Maybe we’ll observe the birth of a new hybrid, a social net presidency.  When a synthesis or integration of these forces settles in, perhaps we’ll achieve that most audacious of possibilities; a classless, leaderless society with no ethnic gulfs to bridge.


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