Dimensional Shift

September 6, 2008 | Leave a Comment

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Society is shifting to three dimensions.

Our great ape heritage could be represented in a line.  Each individual deferred to a next above and a one below.  This was one-dimensional existence.

Pyramids have been our paradigm for several thousand years.  We share levels with more or fewer fellow travelers or associates, depending on how high up the pyramid we sit.  The structure of these relationships is easily represented in two dimensions.

Two-dimensional pyramids are becoming two-dimensional, associational, horizontal social networks.  Still thinking in two dimensions, all of us can view ourselves as hubs and observe the links to our associates and their associates and their associates in a flatland landscape of hubs, nodes and lines.  We are in the midst of a horizontalization of society as pyramids become contextualized within the webbing of relationships made evident through social networking and the web.

We feel empowered by participation in a process that encourages creativity as each individual is provided an audience.  Resources to be creative are readily available, further flattening the pyramids of authority.  We are in a stage where all seems possible, and we experience a shift from struggling up the pyramid to instead communicating through the webbing of interconnections.  Pyramidal barriers topple, releasing energies unavailable until now.  No more hauling large stones to the top.

Graduating to matrix spheres or orbs of interconnection, we experience a world in three dimensions.

The shift to three dimensions is the next stop on this dimensional express.  Many of the young have boarded and are on their way.  We feel ourselves to be the center in a world of individuals empowered by the feeling of being surrounded.  We experience what it is like to feel humble.  In a three-dimensional society, each person feels both authority and, at the same time, his or her minute, exact position in the larger picture.  We can sense the whole while experiencing our part.

Interconnection becomes experienced as immanent or ongoing.  In addition to feeling defined by the relationships we are part of, we also become everything we’re not.  Finally, time, the fourth dimension, begins to feel relative as we touch the next step of societal evolution, the stage where we can choose to let identity disappear.


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