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Category: Ouroboros, Unconscious

Watching the wind stir leaves and branches as it flows around and through the trees, I often wonder what conclusions we could come to if we could not feel the wind.  It would be clear that something was influencing the movement.  We might conclude that all the leaves and limbs somehow know to respond together, motivated by an identical impulse.  Because branches have no muscles, we would posit that a force was in play that we could not see or feel.

It is impolitic among academics to suggest that evolution evidences an awareness that connects and encourages the existence and behaviors of species across the planet.  We still suffer the repercussions of an interventionist deity that demands that society conform to his alpha male point of view.  We’re throwing out the messiah baby with the Abrahamic bathwater, not having stopped to notice the baby is a girl.  We’re committing female deity infanticide.  All to make absolutely sure that myth and science don’t mix.  Reasonable.  Beside the point.  There are the Eastern myth-less studies of awareness.

Imagine that awareness informs biological, societal and personal evolution.  The paradox I come back to is how is it that evolution unfolds in a manner that suggests chance or happenstance while at the same time we experience evidence of awareness?  This paradox is a biological variation of the individual within society facing the conundrum of free will vs. fate.  Biological chance vs. awareness.  Individual free will vs. fate.  Two riddles that demand that a choice be made.  How can both be true?

In science, an anomaly is the clue and, with time, the doorway to the next paradigm.  A paradox, such as free will vs. fate, is the societal version of an anomaly.  Paradox provides a clue to where a synthesis or alternative paradigm is hidden.  Wind would be a mystery to us, except we feel its touch.  Without a sense of touch, we’d have no clue.  Clearly, grounded sensibilities can offer anomaly or paradox resolution.

An answer can be a sense or perception.  An answer does not have to be in words.

Indeed, the ancestor of all senses is touch/feel.  As in everything else, there is a sequence in an evolution of the senses that may inform an understanding of where we want to go.  Another Ouroboros is emerging as we turn to the first sense, the sense of touch, to suggest a guide to simultaneous experience, associative understanding and a bridge to an awareness that transcends paradoxes.

Feeling has no imagination.  Touch is not two places at once.  This first sense completes the cycle to the sixth sense.  Feeling and awareness meet up in the ever-present now.

To understand the wind, we must be able to feel.  To solve the riddle of conflicting chance and awareness, we can be aware.  Free will and fate are both a fiction.  They both rely upon the future.  In the present, the future fades.  In the present is our body.

Home, in our bodies, the contradictions disappear.  Feel the winds of change.  They lead us home.


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