Withdrawing to the Sky

September 18, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Category: Biology, Society, Web

Natural selection encouraged the transformation of dinosaurs into birds.  Though much attention in this age of Neo-Social Darwinism focuses on how natural selection makes it possible for the strongest to survive, it is often some other feature (speed, small size, agility, cleverness) that natural selection chooses if the feature serves to keep the individual alive until he or she can procreate.

There is that myth that mammals took over from the dinosaurs after the asteroid impact filled the air with debris that blocked out the sun.  The story has changed.  After the impact, the dinosaurs took to the sky that killed the plants that fed their larger brethren.  Unable to easily rule the earth, birds became kings and queens of heaven.

A huge maple tree in our back yard is slowly losing a major limb.  A twelve-foot crack running parallel to the horizontal appendage threatens to crack the branch and topple it into our neighbor’s yard.  Eventually, the big trees fall.  When they do, other life can emerge.  Little grows in our back yard because the shade created by this tree is so dense.  When it goes, I will grow strawberries.

There is a place for corporations in our lives and in the media, but not the place they hold.  An asteroid in the form of the web has slammed into commercial sphere, creating a haze of chaotic democratizing forces that will inevitably encourage the emergence of new life forms.  The sky is changing.  Global warming compels cooperation and a shift to an understanding of the commons.  These two forces will destroy the corporations we now know.  What heaven-bound creature will emerge?


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