This last week we observed repercussions of a clash between a quickly integrating world and a financial elite seeking to enhance its wealth and power by legislating minimal regulation with no transparency. Corporations wished to experience no accountability by their behavior. The result, in this new integrated world, is the beginning of the end of American Capitalism.

What happened between Monday and Friday of last week happened over many months earlier in this century. On Monday, the elites realized that by creating financial vehicles whose sole purpose was to generate exponential wealth, they had manufactured a mythology that had crashed. By Friday a run on 3.4 trillion dollars of money market funds had begun, the equivalent to the savings deposits withdrawal dynamic that occurred in the 1930s. The Government decided to do what governments do – shield the interests of private institutions – to protect the corporations whose behaviors were destroying savings.

The integration of the financial world has exponentially decreased the time that the crises of confidence had spread across the planet. It is now understood that with no transparency, regulation or accountability the elites had created fictitious wealth and hid the location of fiction in the system.

It is time we, the left/progressive movement, integrate in response.

My Space and Facebook-like tools will become the avenues of popular uprising with countless ideas emerging from angry people who demand change. Through these new social networking technologies, populations are becoming horizontally integrated across the world. Powerful ideas/actions will emerge among the working population, ideas that will be date-based with a single focus that require no negotiation, coalitions, or managing bodies. This will occur in the same way that word of the toppling of the corporatist cornucopia mythology ran rampant through the financial community last week,.

We are entering the age of integrated anarchy.

If the American Left is to have a profound influence over the next few years it will be through its ability to articulate our priorities, communicate and cooperate through these social networking vehicles.

I urge you to sign up for Facebook, and then SNAPAP. SNAPAP is a Social Networking and Political Action page available through the Peace Justice and Environment Project network. Already almost 1000 peace, justice and environmental organizations are integrated into a single left/progressive social networking, political action environment now operational in 32 states. Visit to view the national hub. was the founding network in this network of political action networks now integrated to include social networking.

Go to and set up your SNAPAP page. If you’re not under 25 it will not be an intuitive process. Be patient. Contact Marcia or me for personal guidance.

Make yourself conversant with the language of transformation. Online tools to empower the powerless exist. The era of deep and lasting change is here.


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