Blind Spots

September 24, 2008 | Leave a Comment

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There is a principle in hypnosis that suggests that a patient’s ability to achieve a targeted change is enhanced when the patient is unaware of the details of the intervention.

The hypnotherapist is not trying to hide anything from the unconscious. It is through the therapist’s forming a pact with the unconsciousness that the change is engaged. The hypnotherapist is hiding what is happening from the client’s conscious mind.

The targeted change is further encouraged if the patient does not notice that a change has taken place.

American conservatism is chock-full of blind spots. With media reflecting and promoting the agenda of corporations, which form an important pillar of the conservative tribunal (corporations, neo-cons, social conservatives), media do not focus on the problems that many in society would like to change. The Left notices. Society, in a sense, has hauled itself to the hypnotherapist. The therapist has put society into a trance. Media, or what society is aware of, are asleep and deeply focused elsewhere.

Massive changes are underway, changes that are connected, and it is important that we not notice these changes.

Twenty-five countries in Western and Eastern Europe are closely uniting into an integrated whole providing health care, social protection and peace to its citizens and visitors from other countries. This group is almost 15% of all the countries in the world. Not incidentally, the American government concluded that it was in America’s best interest to encourage this process by contributing billions of dollars in the 1940s and 1950s toward European reconstruction and integration.

There is a huge increase in autism. Several variables suggest that autism’s origins have to do with our evolution as a species. Evolutionary developmental biologists are theorizing that natural selection may have far less to do with the details of evolution, particularly human evolution, than has previously been proposed. The biological repercussions of human sexual selection practices in combination with environmental influences are changing the way we look and behave. Autism is the most obvious evidence of these changes.

The youth we are sending off to war make poor soldiers. Few want to face this fact. We are poor at killing and poor at taking orders. Our fighting men and women are suffering psychological repercussions for their actions to degrees never observed in the past. Our young people, specialists in forming connections with people they know and don’t know through new technologies and the web, make terrible perpetrators of the connection-severing characterized by war and occupation.

Capitalist democracy has failed. A grass roots re-democratization of society is underway. Older activists can’t figure out why youth aren’t protesting in the streets. Young people are burning up bandwidth, sowing society with transparency, horizontal communications and organizational structures, and they are destroying ethnic and cultural boundaries. While activists mull over why youth aren’t protesting and corporations seek ways to advertise on the net, young people are becoming empowered in ways that older activists barely understand. The young are learning to actually get what they want while older activists still believe we should get what we want. Helplessness, encouraged by the media and deeply embedded in the Left, is being purged from our youth.

With media eyes focused on other places, society has the freedom to evolve. In just those ways that our conscious minds inhibit our natural tendency to transform, too much attention by the media on the dynamics of societal transformation would discourage those changes. When half the world’s countries are living in political union, when autism is embraced and understood, when youth are not sent off to slaughter, when grass roots democracy has been engaged, the media will still be focused on what advertisers want us to notice.

When world peace comes, we won’t be told. That’s how things get better.


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