Perhaps it does not feel intuitive that web and communications technologies are integral to the neoteny cascade that is becoming fully engaged, because technology is closely associated with large, highly hierarchical, government-funded or government-encouraged, corporate-based institutions.  Governments, universities and corporations have worked together to both personally empower the individual in numerous consumer and health related fashions while chaining people to the disempowering orientation that an individual, a single person, cannot make a difference.  Maybe an individual can become wealthy, but he or she cannot change the world.  Corporate media contribute mightily to this malaise.

The structure of the web is reflected in how it’s used.  Just as highly stratified, government/corporate programs both draw to them and encourage hierarchical, nondiverse, secretive solutions, the web compels diversity, transparency and horizontal answers to problems.

The neotenization of society also involves the neotenization of technology.  A single human, as he or she is characterized by that person’s natural integration within a single physical presence, is manifesting in the rapid integration of technology as a whole into a single, diverse, transparent and horizontal mass.  This manifestation is the equivalent of the features of our chimpanzee-like progenitor in infant form manifesting as the adult of today.  The features of the ancient baby become the contemporary adult.  The features of the language using aboriginal native become the features of the society of today.  In a very powerful and real way, we are headed at breakneck speed toward a place where the individual reflects society and society reflects the individual.  Society controlled by elites is about to fade.

Informed by an understanding that society is driven by the exact same forces that drive biological evolution and becoming intimate with how humans have evolved, we are presented with understandings outside the corporate/government/university technological conventions.

Just as there are alternative diets, alternative modes of transportation, alternative media and alternative life styles, there are alternative technologies.

Sometimes the alter-native is where we discover ourselves, and the original native reveals itself at last.


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