I study conditions characterized by maturational delay with the idea that those individuals represent an older matrifocal social-structure precursor to the patrifocal people around today.  Our time is an era of synthesis as a very ancient matrifocal and a 6,500-year-old patrifocal social structure merge.  This merger is the social equivalent of our two brain hemispheres becoming balanced, with the unconscious and the conscious becoming friends.  Imagine what life would be like if our unconscious didn’t feel that so much content needed to be hidden.  Imagine the resources that would be available if energies weren’t devoted to keeping up barriers between conscious and unconscious material.  Ways to cross the line to the unconscious is one of the specialties of the matrifocal-focused.  It is one of the gifts they bring to the integration.  These are the artists, dancers, musicians, gifted athletes and the autistic.

I make a number of predictions concerning autism.  Some have been supported by the literature, some have been ambiguously supported and some go unsupported where no studies have been done.  I propose that the following apply to autistics that come from families exhibiting maturational delay, such as left-handedness.  The specifics of how this model makes these predictions can be viewed at sexualselection.org and originsofautism.com.

Autistic males have larger brains than nonautistic males.  Autistic females have brains that are slightly smaller or the same size as the brains of nonautistic females.

Autistic males and females gestate longer in their mothers, almost two weeks longer, 295 days.

Autistic males and females will trend toward being the youngest child coming from the older mothers.

Autistic males will tend to have longer legs, particularly if puberty is delayed.

Autistic males will have relatively low testosterone, females high testosterone.

Autistic males and females will be compelled to express themselves in rhythm.  Studies have concluded that perfect pitch occurs more frequently than in the general population. Sound will be discovered to be integral to health.

Autistic males will have smaller teeth and jaws than the general population.  Autistic females will have larger teeth and jaws than most other women.

Autistic males will exhibit neotenous characteristics.  Autistic females will reveal less neoteny than the general population of females.

Autistic males and females will have a higher percentage of siblings exhibiting maturational delay and left-handedness than the general population.  For example, the siblings would stutter or have Down’s syndrome or Tourette’s syndrome.  However, Tourette’s is a special situation I discuss in other entries. (Because maturational delay in families of origin is my criterion to separate the genetic-autistic from the brain-traumatized autistic, I realize I’m cheating by making this criteria part of my predictions.)

Autistic males will have larger testes than other males.

Autistic males will exhibit noncompetitive personalities.  Autistic females will tend to be relatively domineering and comfortable exercising authority.

I would suggest that diet is extremely important when addressing children that are autistic.  It’s not just gluten and casein, inappropriate for a Neolithic physiology/neurology, but the host of high-fat, high-carb foods that have contributed to the lowering of the onset of puberty by four years in the last 100 years.  Autistics desperately need those four years of brain growth to achieve the number of synapses that their brains naturally require to reach maturity.  Puberty freezes brain growth with testosterone surges, true for girls and boys.  Those four years of brain growth are essential for the autistic mind.

As the integration of the two social structures continues to accelerate through the century, puberty will slowly return to 16-18 years of age.  I predict a return to equivalents of the Neolithic diet, with meat substitutes.  These changes will provide for several extra years of brain maturation that will encourage an integration at the neurological level that will mirror the integration of society at large.  The millennia of our feeling strangers from ourselves will come to a close as barriers between the unconscious and the conscious fall.  The return of the autistics from their matrifocal societies of origin followed by changes in diet and the integration of the two social structures can result in a new, hybrid human being.


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