The relationship between politics and science has emerged as an issue in the news as it has become clear that scientific conclusions that don’t support the agenda of an elite money/social conservative/neo-conservative agenda can be pruned as much else is trimmed when a power is seeking to control society’s idea environment.

The American Right Wing has deliberately adjusted conventional reality.  A conscious, pre-Enlightenment, post-Zen position that reality is relative permits the Right Wing to say and do whatever seems useful.  Carl Rove’s childhood was characterized by an intimate, ongoing exposure to a morally ambiguous, boundaryless world.  Rove grew up interpreting that experience to mean that we live in a world with no ethical boundaries or constraints.  No morals can characterize spiritual experience.  No ethics is the mark of a sociopath.  Having confused the two, exclaiming they subscribe to both when they adhere to neither, the American Right has transversed a line crossed in Germany in 1939.  Noted, this is a line dance engaged in by governments across the world.  It is rare that this line is totally ignored.

Politics and science are closely allied in many ways, more connected than either science or politics would have us know.  Science would have us believe that academia is above the political fray.  The politicians often suggest to us that laws just follow the direction of the citizenry; science tells us what is real and tells us that politicians don’t seek to legislate the truth.

The truth is that there is a war going on.  I don’t mean the Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, South American drug wars, or wars fought by private contractors we don’t see.  I’m talking about the struggle between social structures, the ancient battle between matrifocal and patrifocal, the collision between procreation paradigms.  It’s a conflict so deep it informs the language we use to describe evolution.  For example, the words “war,” “battle” and “struggle,” which are used to describe this encounter, represent patrifocal views that serve the belief that this is a relationship that demands a winner.

The truth is that there is not a war going on.  A relationship is evolving.  Transitions can be difficult.  You know, we live in interesting times….

The truth, war or no war, depends on which social structure you view the world through.  Then there is the evolving third position characterized by elements of both, with additions.

Politics have a dog in this race.  Science bets on winners.  What gets researched depends on what gets funded.  Scientists, educational institutions, corporate funders of those institutions, elected officials funded by corporations and their religious institution allies have opinions.  Bets are placed to encourage their dog to win.  In the world of science/politics, placing bets increases the chances your dog will come in first.

Meanwhile, viewing the race from an integrationist’s point of view (integrating matrifocal and patrifocal frames of reference), there is no race.  The dogs are running.  In a world with no beginnings and no ends, there are no contests.  Reality is not punctuated by finish lines.  There are no periods at the ends of sentences is a post-patrifocal/matrifocal world.

Which makes it difficult to discuss using narrative forms.

Because I can’t dance this communication, I’ll do my best to get across the point that I’m not making.  The corporate advertisers almost got it right.  It’s all about sex and status.  It’s all about making babies that will succeed in making more babies.  At the center of this almost truth are perhaps an infinite number of central leverage points determining the way that humans evolve.  At the center is social structure, mother’s testosterone levels at six weeks before her child’s birth, pubertal timing, maturation rates, diet, dance, war or not war, media, art, politics, the cause of autism, environmental influences on ontogeny, music & rhythm, abortion & female infanticide, creativity, narcissism, time, death and taxes.

So many centers.  So little time.

No-time being central.

Doorways to our origins dog our everyday.  Abandoning the races, we are the goal.


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