Diet and Aesthetics

October 26, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Category: Future, Ontogeny, Society

The economy is swooning. Assets are transforming into fertilizer, being plowed into the fields as we prepare for the next stage of our social evolution. The seeds are planted. What we’ll be eating will be different from what’s come before.

The age for the onset of puberty has plummeted. Diet has dramatically cut off cerebral neurological development by accelerating pubertal onset by four years or more. Early puberty testosterone surges in males and females has halted synapse production, curtailing abstract thinking, inhibiting the human, natural ability to make connections, to understand, to appreciate, to experience revelation.

This process will change with the radical diet changes coming in the near future. High-fat, high-carb, high-protein diets will be replaced by diets that our planet can support. Pubertal timing will adjust and our children will reach puberty later. As a species, there will be radical repercussions.

The hidden will become available. The subtle will become easily accessible. The obvious will become uninteresting.

Watch closely the trajectory of pubertal timing. After diet has changed and we are back on track toward achieving puberty around 16–18, we can estimate when this epoch of transition will be settling down.

Our brains developed as a mammoth appreciation apparatus with massive numbers of synapses able to make aesthetic decisions when performing and observing performers during our song-and-dance driven, sexually selected evolution. Our brains are waiting for the right conditions to do what they do best, create and appreciate.

As we withdraw from the collapsing consumer economy, with puberty coming later, we’ll develop the aesthetic economy.

Dance, music and art will become the currency of the realm.


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