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November 6, 2008 | Leave a Comment

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There is a paradox in the way that creativity is expressed in the West.  Many arts are undertaken alone.  For example, the painter, the sculptor, the author and even the musician often compose their work with no one else present.  Yet, the subject of their inquiries often revolves around the nature of relationship.  The relationships explored might be specifically the relationship between individual and god, individual with another individual, individual with society, society with god or even the nature of relationship itself.

I can be a little slow.  It’s only now I realize that working alone exploring aspects of not being alone, exploring relationship, is inherently incongruent.  Working alone, insights tip in the direction of sensitivity to when relationship goes awry.  The artist in the West often chooses a medium and context (working by himself or herself) that predetermines the insight outcome.

That insight would be that we are alone.

I am observing the converting of the young in our society from a culture touting independence with conventions that reinforce individuality and allegiance to feeling alone to a new web-based culture that encourages sharing, reverence for the commons, transparency and doing things in mass.  I anticipate that the experience of being alone and creating art that seeks understanding of the barriers between the individual and relationship is in for a transformation.  Watch for web-based, multi-person art forms, for example video productions, that will replace creators working by themselves.

When art is engaged in through a group, our society will be emerging into health.  Art was group-based (dance and song) until recently.  We’re headed toward group art once again.


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