Integrally entwined in a political movement are the specific ways the movement’s practitioners engage in process and issue execution or how things get done and what gets focused on. The degree of congruency between processes used and issues emphasized has everything to do with political success.

The contemporary Right has a process characterized by an allegiance to the belief that the ends justify the means. Though this belief would seem to suggest that the issues are so important that any action justifies the goal, the opposite is true. What is occurring is that an emphasis is being placed upon process over the goal. Right Wing process, as it is mediated through its most heralded practitioners Lee, Atwater and Rove, is about success by any means that work. Being on top is the core principle of the Right Wing. Right Wing ideology has less to do with its various issues. The Right Wing is about winning. And so, the Right has been deeply process-oriented, a process congruent with its behavior, though we’ve often believed that it was the specific issues that were central to Right Wing core values. The issues, supporting corporations, supporting male control of the female body, supporting wealth and health for the wealthy, little for the poor, are all about winning. A reason the Right has been so adept at controlling message and creating powerful stories is that the Right is all about a process that includes controlling message and creating stories. We’ve all been fooled into thinking that for the Right there were issues more important than winning.

The Left has not been about process. The way that the Left has behaved, its process has had little to do with the goals the Left has been seeking to achieve. Whereas the Right has been about winning, a process congruent with its goals of controlling resources by those on the winning side, the Left has been about sharing while engaged in a process with no obvious connection or congruence with that goal.

The Left seeks to share resources with those with less access to resources. The Right seeks to protect resources, making sure that those in control maintain control with an enhanced opportunity of achieving more. The Right has been playing a game with a goal to win. The Left has not been playing the game as much as it has often been sitting on the sidelines demanding that the rules change. This focus on sharing-related issues while engaged in a process incongruent with its goals has left the Left a loser.

The rules are changing. The Left is becoming engaged in process. The process and the process goal are both becoming about sharing. Congruence is moving toward the left.

People crave congruence.

It’s all about process. The Right Wing, doing anything to win, puts money and resources into one-to-many communications, mostly TV, to drive their message. The Left has discovered sharing. Specifically, the web, social networking and cell phone technologies are the processes congruent with the message of the Left, the message that we are in this all together. We are at the beginning of a convergence of process and issue characterized by congruence between process and what the process seeks to achieve.

The Left to date has tended to focus on a goal, the goal of sharing, as the most important thing. Ironically, this is the Right paradigm, the paradigm of winning, of achieving a goal. At an astonishing speed, society is changing, changing in the direction of a sharing process, changing without most of those identified as Left even being involved, because the traditional Left is focused on issues, not process. Most Leftists don’t even have a social networking page. Most Leftists don’t text message. Most Leftists are over 50.

The new Left is deeply involved in process, a process characterized by sharing, a process congruent with Left goals. The members of the new Left are mostly children. They are Obama supporters that use these new tools. They are young activists organizing through the web. The new Left are conservatives using the new technologies to spread horizontal, diverse and transparent principles through their ancient, one-to-many, winning-obsessed political structures.

McLuhan noted that the medium is message. It is also the case that the medium is the issue. By seeking a culture of sharing, we can follow a media path that shares. We are at present building the bridges that all will walk.

Bridges first. Walking after.

The process is the thing.


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