One of the less becoming features of a big chunk of American society is a tendency to revere achievement over the path taken to that success.  Honor in action or behavior is often portrayed as quaint.  I’ve observed this attitude among many of my competitors.  I run a web design or web development firm.  There are many younger males in the web business that behave like Darwin’s theory of natural selection is a business model, not a theory of evolution.

On the other hand, perhaps the left hand, there is strong movement toward exploring and manifesting transparency in the processes and actions of organizations, corporations and personal relations.

In my opinion, these are not two arbitrary societal trends slugging it out.  Long lineages trail behind them.  It’s looking like the patrifocal-dominance model has become self-corrupting as it takes a step away from a Goldwater honorable path conservatism and catapults itself over the philosophical abyss claiming targeted ends justify any means.  In the U. S., we’ve achieved a kind of Zen conservatism where everything is relative; morals are useful when cementing constituencies and ethics are only relevant in relation to how you are perceived.  Whereas in Zen one shifts identity to the all, the American Right withdraws from anything as a guiding principle to acquire all.  Democrats often suffer from the same malaise.

It astonishes me how little that telling the truth is respected in the society of corporations, media, politics and bureaucracies.  This disregard seems in sharp contrast to the behavior of individuals where trust between friends seems strong as ever.  It’s not clear to me that this split is any different than in the past, but now there is respect for the tellers of lies by people in positions of power.

Truth and transparency are not the same things, but they are pretty close.  A central theme of this work, these blogs, is the impact of neoteny on human evolution and social transformation.  Infant features are observed to appear in the adult of descendants over hundreds of thousands of years.  Characteristics of the aboriginal, the ethnic minority, the young, the disposed, the underprivileged, the shaman and the artist are emerging in contemporary culture or moving from the fringes to the center.  The meek are inheriting the earth.

Infants and toddlers evidence several features appearing in the adults of human beings, features I am suggesting were characteristic of our earlier chimpanzee-like progenitors.  Playfulness, curiosity, creativity, trust, affection, dependency, vulnerability to environmental influences and transparency are a few of these features.  There is that point in an individual’s ontogeny when it becomes possible to lie.  Truth and transparency are features of the very young.

There is a truth about truth, a metatruth.  The more that we as individuals stay with what is real, the closer our ties to the environment.  The closer that we are to our environment, the deeper we feel loved.

We can fill our lives with stories.  Metaphors reveal truth.  Particularly those truths that don’t work well with words.  Yet, the more we fill our lives with misinterpretations, attempts at obfuscation and respect for lies, the less likely we will feel part of something larger than ourselves.

The more real we let our lives become, the closer we can come to those around us.

Make your life transparent and see through to the other side.


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