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November 20, 2008 | 1 Comment

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This work observes the effects of sexual selection and social structure on testosterone levels influencing changes in maturation rates propelling neoteny in human evolution and then follows that same trail while watching societies transform.  By matching observed matrifocal trends (neotenous males, accelerated females) with the imminent necessity of global societal conversion to sustainable living practices, one can make the following predictions about the future.

Universal health care for all humans will demand right-eating practices.  The community won’t want to pay for individual dietary indulgences that result in costs to the community.  There will be a dramatic drop in animals consumed to make sure there is enough food for all.  The resulting low-fat, relatively low-protein diet will result in puberty returning to 16-17 years old, dramatic increases in brain size and higher synapse numbers and reverence for aesthetics as central to life.  (Early puberty testosterone surges halt brain growth, curtailing synapse production.)

Mother’s testosterone levels will be evaluated two months before birth.  If elevated, embryo ipods will be carried by pregnant mothers providing rhythms and melodies running in sync with variations with the child’s and mother’s heartbeat.  Music will continue to be delivered after birth.  It will be discovered that artificial interventions to change a mother’s testosterone levels to adjust the maturation of a potentially autistic child will have unpredictable negative effects.  Children will be taught to dance when they learn to walk.

Social networking will evolve quickly to become an extremely powerful political intervention tool used by very high percentages of young people, all having registered to vote.  The influence of political parties will break down as politics becomes issue/date based as temporary ad hoc coalitions build around social networking imperatives driven through very specific legislation.  Politicians put in power by networking blocks will vote less predictably as they seek to maintain their constantly changing coalitions, adjusting votes depending on their highly networked constituencies.  The influence of corporations will plummet.  Politicians will become faceless as their constituencies become all powerful.

Corporate media will be replaced by citizen media mediated by numerous rating intermediaries.  On the Internet, citizens will be able to choose between a vast number of services offering their particular selection of local and world news and stories created by local teams.  Taxes will supply governments with funds that are redistributed according to how long net users linger on a location on the web.  If a news story in Tibet produced by a local videographer achieves notoriety and is watched across the planet, that videographer is paid according to how long each viewer watched his piece.  High quality news will be produced as talented purveyors are rewarded for their work.

Evolution cultists will emerge seeking to transform culture and society in specific directions through deliberate hormone manipulation and targeted mate choice.

Spirituality and art will converge, characterized by spiritual visions informing aesthetic directions with an emergence of countless unique societal subcultures.

Music will become ubiquitous.  Many educated people will never learn how to read.  There will be a return to auditory art forms mediated by computers and the web that won’t require keyboard use, instead taking auditory input or lip reading by camera.  As more and more children are observed to be geniuses at creation and communication without the ability to read or write, reading and writing will fade.  Third world peoples and ethnic minorities previously hampered by societies emphasizing the visual over the auditory or kinesthetic will become globally revered for their contributions to the new aesthetic society.

The aesthetic economy propelled by transparency, collapsing hierarchy and resource accessibility will make possible global sustainability.  Observing these effects of neoteny, we can predict how the future will unfold.


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