Might Makes Right

December 21, 2008 | Leave a Comment

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Through the last four American administrations, the American financial system has been designed to be nontransparent to encourage the growth of unique investment vehicles. Lessons learned and legislated in the 1930s were unlearned and rewritten in an atmosphere hailing “free markets” as if that was something different from Social Darwinism. Increased stratification was the result. Evidently the embrace of supply side economics in the 1980s wasn’t alone enough to tell us we’d crossed a line suggesting that the merger of mythology and economics was not a good idea.

Kings of old were able to afford the best in entertainment, which included frequent visits from the most talented storytellers. Today we have to merely turn on the TV to experience finely crafted tales. One thing has changed. The powerful today hire wordsmiths to design tapestries of tales that support their controlling the looms of power, which they call free markets, when the markets are only free on TV.

Free markets are free of government oversight, free of transparency, free of union intervention, free of accountability, free of the social costs of equal pay for women and day care, free of safety constraints, free of the costs of environmental destruction and often free of the costs of robust health care and protected pensions. Loss of health care and pensions are often the case when a corporation goes bottom up.

Untie a species from its environment, reduce the number of interconnections a biological unit has with its surrounding community and inevitable destruction will result. Free is a myth. We are all connected. To believe in free is the same as to worship being alone.

Right now the rest of the world is muddling through how it is going to deal with the crashing American concept of freedom. American financial vehicles have been designed to flourish unconnected to the real needs. Soon, real needs will be in all the headlines. Rage at “free markets” will be all the rage. The American stock markets, redesigned in the 1990s not to crash, will instead watch American assets slowly disappear. Having designed our financial instruments to enhance risk and our markets to protect risk, this awful combination will leave us in the end with little left to risk.

The Victorian Age interpretation of Darwin’s theories led to the concept of Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism was “scientific” support for the entrepreneurial excesses of the Industrial Revolution. One aspect of one part of how evolution operates was embraced as an example for us all. The fittest surviving was hailed as an economic model.

Little has changed. The fittest can be the cleverest. Our hailers of “free markets” have been most clever in their manipulation of words to make them free of society’s demands.

Evolution is not about the fittest surviving. Economic health is not about disengagement from the society that supplies support. Our economic model has been built upon the ancient Indo-European patrifocal dominance model of might makes right. Holding onto a portfolio of worthless assets, we must realize it’s time to face the fact that change has arrived.

Might is not right.

It’s time to evolve our government to serve.


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