Pattern recognition and exhibition form the essence from which we humans have evolved. Sexual selection usually involves a female choosing subtle variations on a pattern theme such as song, movement/dance or visual display. It can occur that males dramatically escalate the details while females exponentially increase their deliberative tendencies. You can get what Fischer called Runaway Sexual Selection.

What probably began the runaway loop were females selecting for superb dancers and sound makers with males responding over time with astonishing feats of endurance and acumen. Females become far more appreciative of the nuances the males could exhibit because females were being selected over time for acute judgmental abilities. Those females with subtle evaluative capacities mated with the most adroit male performers.

Somewhere along the line, females began selecting for males with talents for escalating pattern exhibition unrelated to any particular or specific stimuli trajectory.

Females selected for creativity.

There is no fiction in biology. Natural systems evolve within firm boundaries such as climate, food sources, natural disasters and competing peers. Now humans began operation in an alternative, complementing universe of pattern exhibition and recognition, having crossed a line where what exists, exists, but not in the biological world.

With imagination humans could perform feats of pattern recognition and exhibition in more than one time and more than one place at the same time. Females were selecting for imagination. Females were selecting not just the creativity to generate novel variations on a theme but for an ability to generate new themes.

There is runaway sexual selection and there is careening-crazily-everywhere-at-once sexual selection. Well, not actually everywhere. Just two places. Sexual selection split the human brain.

Not long before the diaspora from Africa, the human brain shifted from random-handed gesture-users thinking almost always in the here and now to right-handed speech-users with a slightly smaller right hemisphere and a smaller corpus callosum hemispheric bridge. The new brain could be two places at once by decreasing communication between the hemispheres and assigning speech mostly to just the left side. With the emergence of a facility manipulating place and time, sexual selection focused on the productions of imagination. What we call “consciousness” was born. What emerged was actually split consciousness. “Consciousness” had always been present. The striving of consciousness to engage in pattern recognition and exhibition for millions of years, sexual selection, led to split consciousness and the eruption of imagination.

Imagination is the sexualization of experience by creating time.

So, we’re maybe 50,000 to 100,000 years after the split, having had some time to explore the repercussions of using an imagination to navigate a biological world with real bodies. One of the challenges is that our love of stories, products of the imagination, stories exhibiting our ability to be in more than one time or more than one place at the same time, lead us to confuse the conclusions of our stories with the way the world works. Biology corrects our widest wanderings but still we get into trouble. For example, the financial world meltdown.

We are storytellers. That is our nature. We sexually selected ourselves to display astonishing abilities to makes things up. When those that control financial assets tell stories that enormous amounts of money can easily be made with little risk and involve no products or services but only the estimations of relative value over time, that is a story. When the story meets biology–biology tells us that everything changes and everything is interconnected–the story will suffer.

So, now we have a new story. The new story says we need regulations, just like nature regulates itself. In this new integrated global economy, integrated like our natural global ecology, we need constraints, natural constraints, like nature uses.

The first law of the new economy? Trade what’s real.


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