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Category: Auto-Biography, Myth/Story

In these blogs, I write about evolutionary theory, autism etiology theory, political activism and social change.  I discuss the web, business, the economy, politics, political organizing specifics, organizer conference structure, media, cosmology, society, psychology, social structure, sexual selection, neoteny, heterochrony, hormonal-driven evolutionary dynamics, transparency, diversity, hierarchy, hypnosis, spiritual experience, personal experiences, play, art, language, myth, story, the nature of joy and sources of love.

Friends have told me I cover a lot of subjects.  I often get the feeling I’m writing about the same thing over and over again.  I write about evolution.

I arrived at writing about evolution by tracing backwards the origin of dragon myths and then serpent myths.  Visit for more detail on what occurred.  Over the course of a year and a half, I immersed myself in dragon and serpent mythology.  I went deeply, head over heels, down the rabbit hole of attraction.  What booted me off that abyss was the book Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler.

The book outlines a possible feminine foundation for human culture and explores implications of the work of archeologist Marija Gimbutas.  Exploring and recording details of several hundred myths, reading over 90 books on dragon and serpent mythology, I finally arrived at the first snake carvings and Christopher Marshack’s thesis of early humans tracking moon cycles on horn and bones.

The point that stories began emerging from the imaginations of our ancestors feels like the place where I seek to be.  In meditation, I find myself often straddling the place where my unconscious generates images and voices, conscious of my unconscious.  The part of me that feels abandoned when I was small–a part that cannot yet tell or understand stories–feels to me to be the me that I accompany.  For me, evolution is personal.  Seeking an understanding of how humans evolved is the same as seeking inside myself for how I came to be.

I seek to grasp what it means for consciousness to split.  I explore consciousness.  I embrace the split.

I don’t yet understand the relationship between story/metaphor and our evolution.  I intuit that this is the core of who we are.  Lingering around the ancient rituals of dance and song, I seek those moments when time fractured and imagination reared.  I can feel these moments in my body.  Slowly my body allows the words to describe what the body knows.

We are each wrestling with our evolution as we form words and act out the stories that guide our lives.  I feel joy seeking origins.  There is love stored in an understanding of how we came to be.


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