Female choice and societal innovation are so closely tied as to be indistinguishable.

In Asian cultures characterized by patrifocal frames of reference, with female infanticide, and now female foeticide, ancient hierarchies, deep allegiance to status and a reverence for the warrior, you find little innovation because males are selected for their ability to command and dominate. Creativity is highly valued in the context of supporting an established, conventional, ritualized aesthetic.

Across Asia into India and the Middle East, females exhibit little choice in mate selection. Families, often the father, still decide which males are suitable for their daughters. These societies are often militaristic, caste-based, hierarchical and highly stratified, featuring domineering males. Women’s rights are few and neglected.

Perhaps the first society featuring an integration of matrifocal and patrifocal forces was ancient Greece. Indo-Europeans were not normally disposed to providing the matrifocal peoples that they conquered much influence in the societies that followed. Ancient Greece was an exception to a degree. Females could not vote but could sometimes wield authority, particularly in their choice of a mate. When females are provided the ability to choose, several things happen. Females choose mates that they estimate will enhance their lives, a male that exhibits some flexibility. Males are forced to compete for the female’s attention. Creative and cooperative males become valued.

Societies providing for female choice are societies that also value male creativity, innovation, flexibility. Female choice and innovation go together. Societies that view women as the property of males shut down the engine of innovation as males featuring an ability to dominate are the males that the society highly values.

Observe the emergence of innovation in a society and you will find women that have been provided choice. They say necessity is the mother of invention. Not so. Mothers are the mother of invention. It is the female that determines the character of a society.

Put power in the hands of a man and you get stagnation. Empower a woman and you encourage the empowering of all.


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