Last night was a weird night.  I was not exactly sleeping.  My mind was deep into the pattern-trolling mode.  A part of me feels a certainty that estrogen and testosterone/estrogen constellations in mate selection (see “Estrogen Conjecture Inspired by Asian Neotenous Patrifocal Society”) lead to a deepened understanding of human evolution and the particular physiological/neuropsychological/hormonal/psychological features of the human ethnic spectrum.

At these preinspiration sessions I find myself operating with several presuppositions.  The presuppositions suggest that this process is far more artistic than scientific.  It’s more than an “as if” frame where I make a hypothesis and then follow where the existing data lead.  I’m assuming several things.  One, I assume that I can know the answer.  Two, I assume my unconscious already has the answer.  Three, I assume my unconscious is connected to the larger consciousness.  Four, I assume the solutions are available to me in a form I am schooled to assimilate and not a form beyond my education, such as genetics or higher mathematics.

That is a lot of presuppositions.  What this boils down to is that, feeling blessed, I can allow myself to experience, identify and communicate the patterns just beyond the barriers of the everyday.

Reeling around my mind last night are mated couples that I know and their evident testosterone/estrogen social structure constellations.  I’m now playing with the idea that there are transitional sexual selection constellations that are bridges to a future matrifocal/patrifocal synthesis.  For example, if TE female mates with te male (big T stands for high testosterone, little t low testosterone, big E high estrogen, little e low estrogen) in a matrifocal context, and te female mates with TE male in a patrifocal context, and a Scandinavian constellation represents an example of a synthesis of the two, then what possible transition pairings am I observing?  And, what examples of the Scandinavian synthesis do I observe in the American population?  And, for that matter, what is the Scandinavian testosterone/estrogen paradigm?

The Scandinavian constellation seems to be integral to understanding this paradigm.

The Asian paradigm has the female te mating with male TE with the hormonal thresholds all lowered to below the standard levels to engender an environment that nurtures patrifocal priorities, which include dominating males in a highly controlled hierarchical environment requiring large-scale cooperation and female infanticide.  It’s not clear to me if there is a connection between low estrogen levels, the dark hair and eyes and low incidence of left-handedness.  It feels like there might be.

With the Scandinavian constellation, male and female exhibiting matrifocal neoteny, presumably low t in both, resulting in the lanky, blond-hair and blue-eyed prototype, I’m hypothesizing low e in both, though I’m not exactly sure why.  It could be high E in both.  Or maybe one sex has high E and the other low e.  Or, what if the females are still high T?  But what if, as in the hypothetical Asian constellation where the whole hormonal threshold shifted down, in Scandinavia there has been a shift up?

In other words, you have females te and males te, but both at higher thresholds than is the norm.  But then the female in Asian and Scandinavian cultures would both be te, which seems unlikely.  So, let’s go back to Scandinavian female tE, male tE.  Perhaps there’s an embedded polymorphism with integrated populations of te/tE, tE/te, tE/tE and te/te matings with estrogen fluctuating all over the map.

In an Asian culture the shift down gets me a highly hierarchical patrifocal culture that compels cooperation and reinforces female infanticide.  What does a Scandinavian shift up accomplish?  It’s feeling hard to know this without understanding how exactly estrogen influences evolution.  We’ve observed the evolution-influencing testosterone dynamic.  The estrogen piece feels to me like a missing center.


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