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January 23, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Category: Art, Auto-Biography

A peculiarity of this blog format presentation of evolutionary theory is the exhibition of the process I go through as the theory forms.  Not only do I leave a trail of the mental processes leading to an insight or conclusion (often the insight comes as I write, with my having no ideas where a particular day’s entry is leading), but I describe events in my personal life along with feelings that inform my life and this work.

I’m starting to believe this is not accidental.  I mean not accidental in the sense that my unconscious, the author of this work, seeks a deeper communication than just the thesis of this work.  The way that science is conducted now offers proofs, peer-reviewed commons (journals) and difficult-to-achieve authorizations to conduct research (advanced degrees).  What I have is process.  I seek to show the sources that a theory springs from, offering insight as to the process that leads to theory.

This presupposes that what I’m creating offers some usefulness.  Otherwise this is a unique adventure having to do solely with art, not science.

In the event that the principles that have emerged in this website do serve, then the nonscientific aspects of this production may offer a sort of road map to designing theory.

I know of no study that describes the process of theory formation.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers tools for breaking down the thought sequence, the strategy for achieving goals.  Perhaps, if this work is useful, the evidence I leave of how the theory came together will provide a routine, one of many, depending on the theorist, for theory formation.


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