Noting that our testosterone levels are determined in our mother’s womb by our mother’s testosterone levels, girls reflecting the mother’s threshold, boys polarizing to the opposite, I’ve hypothesized that estrogen might follow the same dynamic.  The results are intriguing.

A high-testosterone mother gives birth to a high-testosterone daughter and low-testosterone sons.  This is also a prototypical matrifocal social structure with high-testosterone women mating with low-testosterone males.  Conversely, low-testosterone moms birth low-testosterone daughters and high-testosterone sons, the patrifocal prototype.

I hypothesize the same dynamic in estrogen engenders not a social structure proclivity but a sexual selection tendency.  A high-estrogen mother gives birth to a high-estrogen daughter and low-testosterone sons.  Low-estrogen mothers create low-estrogen daughters and high-estrogen sons.  When the female has high estrogen she is very discriminating in the male that she chooses to mate with.  When the male has high estrogen he is very choosy, seeking childlike features in the woman he would have as a wife.

Four kinds of societies emerge, with eight types of individuals mating with their complementary opposite.  (F=female, M=male, T=high testosterone, t=low testosterone, E=high estrogen, e=low estrogen)

F te/M TE        Conventional Patrifocal
F tE/M Te        Warrior Patrifocal
F Te/M tE        Contemporary Matrifocal
F TE/M te        Classic Matrifocal

As noted in earlier postings, our societies exhibit all eight individuals in a balanced polymorphism or seamless gradation from matrifocal to patrifocal.  Individual societies may emphasize just one or two.  Asian societies, for example, might exhibit all the characteristics of Conventional Patrifocal but retain individuals exhibiting Classic Matrifocal, thus offering societal balance.

In the United States today all four pairings are powerfully represented, but signs suggest dramatic increases in Contemporary Matrifocal, following the lead of Scandinavia, which is firmly established in Contemporary Matrifocal.  Obama fits the Contemporary Matrifocal paradigm (articulate, cooperative, slim, left-hander).

Diseases and conditions are predicted to congregate around the hormonal outliers or extremes, the representatives of the eight kinds of humans that make up the four foundation social structures.  Perhaps most people will not exhibit classic features of these eight prototypes, but more moderate aspects, because the majority will appear in the center section of the balanced polymorphism of a society.  Their mothers will have moderate testosterone and estrogen levels, not particularly high or low.  These people will contract the diseases and conditions a far lower percentage of the time unless their hormone levels have been environmentally influenced during their lifetime to force them to the edge of the balanced polymorphism.

Specific diseases and conditions can be predicted to be associated with specific prototype humans.  For example, Asian females (te) are predicted to be low in estrogen (Conventional Patrifocal), so we’d predict little breast cancer.  Conversely, we would predict high breast cancer for West African or African-American (TE) Classic Matrifocal women.  High estrogen is a marker for breast cancer predisposition.

Unlike the “Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars” thesis of human interaction, this model suggests that there are eight planets (Pluto is just an ice ball), with eight different kinds of personality tendencies, eight different kinds of disease and condition predilections and eight different ideas of an ideal mate.

We’d expect the patrifocal types to congregate in Republican circles, matrifocal drifting in a Democratic direction.  We’d expect male artists (high E) to mate with Te or te females.  It would be curious to see what happens when two artists have children.  Would the girls more likely grow up to become artists than the boys?  (High-estrogen mothers hypothetically give birth to high-estrogen daughters, low-estrogen sons.)

Dating services, having once determined which of the four foundation types you subscribe to, could offer a variety of potential mates fitting the exact complementary opposite prototype that is your match.

If you are a high TE male, you are likely attracted to cooperative females with childlike characteristics.  If you are a te male, there is a good chance you will be targeted by a female that likes the childlike or cooperative features that you exhibit.

Again, because most of us fall somewhere in the middle, the paradigm will not seamlessly offer guidance.  Still, eight planets are better than two.  Lots more places to go exploring.


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