There is a pattern to pattern.  When and how pattern emerges in connection to what it is to be human can suggest more than a little bit about what we are all about.

If there is an original art, and that art is rhythm, dance and sound, then who we are as humans perhaps can be discovered by an exploration of that art.

There are patterns to those things that don’t fit patterns in academia, pieces that don’t fit into the puzzles of established paradigms.  Like an archipelago of volcanic islands suggesting a tectonic rift, patterns of things that don’t fit patterns can reveal hidden meta patterns not observable in other ways.

Looking for patterns within patterns, we seek answers to mysteries.  Having created a category of humans called autistic, we observe these people that often reveal difficulty using language, exhibit nonmetaphoric play conventions, display obsession with pattern replication and struggle making social contact.  The unique ways that the autistic person confronts pattern suggests that pattern is at the root of understanding autism.

Observing changes in pattern and hypothesizing the nature of underlying structures based upon those changes again emphasizes the importance of pattern patterns.  Societal evolution does not display a single predictable arc.  Several patterns are in play.  By overlapping the competing/complementing forces and exploring how they influence each other, we allow the formation of a meta pattern point of view.

In the lives of folks I know, I watch/listen to the interplay of heredity, life history and choice.  I note foundation hormonal/neurologic predilections and the juxtaposition of those tendencies with events.  Stories get made.  We construct personal mythologies that make sense of the unique situation we find ourselves in, stories that then inform the kinds of lives we live.  Deconstructing layered stories from layered experiences from foundation biological tendencies, I sift through patterns of patterns, seeking the center of the person I am talking to, the art in life.

Art is partly about embracing pattern and allowing that embrace to be embraced.  Pattern is not about pattern manipulation.  Watching dancers caper across the dance floor and by noting patterns, we can intuit how and when to partner and step aboard.


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