Twelve-step programs have provided opportunities for many people to experience profound personality transformation.  Twelve-step programs allow individuals to identify with a third position, which transcends their conflicting selves while at the same time connecting them to a mythology allowing some facility communicating with non-narrative unconscious processes.  Many psychotherapeutic interventions rely upon third position identification and symbol communication to allow the patient an experience of personal transcendence that includes relief from internal conflicts.

In the previous two pieces I contextualized these two interventions within the context of human evolution.  The very split we bridge has an evolutionary etiology.  The remedies have an evolutionary explanation.  There are other pathways that the process of human personality transformation engages in that find reflection in our species’ transformations.

Perhaps the most ubiquitously transformational of all human experience is falling in love.  To attribute it all to hormones is demeaning.  Consider elevating the significance of hormones.

Testosterone and estrogen and their families of related hormones animate each of us, as individuals, as members of society, as examples of our species and as participants in the animal world.  People seeking psychotherapeutic intervention often feel compelled to do so to find a mate.  They are unable to extricate themselves from internal struggles long enough to form strong, long-lasting external ties.  Love and psychotherapy are often, if not almost always, directly related.

Many people meet their mates in twelve-step programs.  Sometimes, as a result of that process’s interventions, a person rediscovers the mate they have.  Combine third-party identification and mythological allegiance with complementary opposite hormonal availability and you have three powerful forces present for transformation.

Humans are unique in regard to mating.  Other species exhibit discrimination, but humans take discernment to a whole other level that is extremely specific.  We don’t just seek mates of the opposite sex.  We seek a mate that exhibits the complementary opposite hormonal social structure constellation to the one that we ourselves exhibit.  The process of imagining our complementary opposite, practicing skills to attract that complementary opposite, and then having enough of our internal resources available to create and maintain the bond necessary for a relatively healthy relationship requires enormous personal commitment.  There is perhaps no process more uniquely human.  There is no process more suggestive of our connection to evolution.  See Introduction to the Theory of Waves for details.

There are twelve steps to the program that addresses self destructive addiction.  There are three primary interlocking processes featured by twelve-step programs and many Western psychotherapeutic interventions.  Third position intervention, symbol/metaphor/mythology facility and complementary opposite hormonal accessibility (mate choice) together offer opportunity for personal evolution.

The dance of life involves being able to hear the music animating all of life.  We can let our own steps be also the steps of all.


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