Modern technology serves hidden societal assumptions. Different societies encourage radically different uses of technology. A hybrid transitional society with easy access to energy supplies and natural resources, such as the United States, proliferates technologies like a wildflower garden sends out seeds. Still, there is a method to the madness of technological innovation.

On one side perches the atomic bomb and pregnancy ultrasound, two of the most powerful tools of a patrifocal society. On the other side, serving a matrifocal society, are the Pill and the Internet.

Across the world there is a war being fought between destruction and creation. On the eastern front, battles wage across a woman’s womb; and the sex of the survivor determines both the structure of future society and that society’s talent and tendency to innovate. On the western front, the military-industrial-financial world alliance is clashing with the Internet society, and losing.

Female foeticide is one of the greatest killers on the planet, a scourge that goes almost unremarked. Modern ultrasound technology has facilitated the abortions of female fetuses rather than the drowning and smothering of infants. It is a machine that insures a child is male. The liberal West supports abortion. The conservative West supports patrifocal culture. It so happens that aborting females supports patrifocal culture. Is it any wonder we read or hear so little about the millions of females that are aborted?

The fewer females that survive the womb, the fewer non-ideal males in a society that find a wife. Those males achieving patristic success that manifest an ability to work well within hierarchy, take orders, give orders, command followers and perform well in male-to-male competition are rewarded with an opportunity to procreate. These males are the ideal mate. If only the ideals sire children, the values of the society are far more likely to be passed on. With the ideal male being one that fits in well and cooperates with the established patrifocal paradigm, innovation is not encouraged. Innovation is not a feature of societies that kill a female foetus. It is no mistake that societies displaying the most stability are societies that kill the girls.

In the quickly transforming West, where women are achieving parity with men, the Pill places in the hands of women the kind of man that they will mate with. In the West, concepts of the ideal male have blended together and produced any man that can contribute to an innovation. The idea of a Western ideal male has disappeared. Societal ideals have become amorphous with independence. Innovation thrives in an environment where the female can pick a mate with no guidance other than what she feels is best for her personally. The Pill provides her the power to make her own choice. Only males that she approves of supply her seed. The result is a proliferation of male ideals with an emphasis on males that can beat out other males to make a woman happy.

In the meantime, those Western males with a facility to thrive in hierarchy, take orders, give orders, command followers and perform well in male-to-male competition, build bombs. Multileveled corporations and military hierarchies work closely together with government and lending institutions to build a world where males are in control.

Encouraged by the shift to female choice and a reverence for innovation, the West has invented and nurtured the Internet. The web is planting matristic values into societies across the world. Horizontal communication, transparency and diversity are spreading like hurricane-propelled seeds from a continent of wildflowers. Disappearing borders are making bombs seem so yesterday. Observe our governments needing to encourage borderless adversaries to be able to continue to manufacture the myth of the enemy.

Technologies serve male or female-based societies, even forming hybrid technologies in societies like America where both social structures are in integrated combat. Male dominated Wall Street feeds off unique financial vehicles created by innovative minds. Huge influxes of corporate capital have fed the horizontal web.

Sex-determining ultrasound, the bomb, the Pill and the web all reveal how technology helps determine and support the social structures that drive societies as they change.


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  1. Tetsuya Sellers on January 31, 2010 3:28 am

    Hi Andrew,
    I know you’ve been advocating the “flat” world like Thomas Freedman. I found a rather pithy article detailing the “flat” corporation.
    though I must say It reminds me of another article which says flat makes good busniss sense by cutting out the middle man so your boss can supervise you better, Taylorism. I try to find that site for you cause it has alternative which involve hortorculture, etc.

  2. Andrew on January 31, 2010 3:43 am

    I think there is a difference between corporations seeking to hide their authority vs. those that are sharing it. Flat may be a trend in corporate looks but it goes deeper. We’re not just talking about fewer levels in a hierarchy, but more individuals able to make high quality choices about their experience. Employees become consultants, clients become allies and work becomes play.

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