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March 18, 2009 | Leave a Comment

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Over the last few decades, there has been a seeming decrease in available time as both parents needed jobs, traffic took longer to negotiate and leisure became less about relaxing and enjoying and more about decompressing.  At the same time, enormous amounts of money have gone into entertainment vehicles paid for by advertising dollars that we feel compelled to watch with the leisure time we have.

We are coming to an end of an age where just money buys influence and buys time.  The shift is subtle, yet unmistakable.

Online social networking has become the avenue through which individuals seek friends, cement relationships, look for respect, express creativity, listen for trends, consider proposals and search for jobs.  Those excelling at the medium put in the hours.  The number of people that an individual affects grows wider with time.  In the world of social networking, time equals influence.  Facebook, My Space, Twitter and the others use up enormous amounts of time.

As the economy spirals downward and our identity shifts from a consumer to a steward frame of reference, what we observe in media will transform as advertiser dollars disappear.  Programming will grow to reflect the creations of a new tech, social-networking-savvy population that produces unique content at least partially because there will be the time to do so.

Unemployment and the end of the consumer economy will encourage relationships and creativity in ways unimaginable before the web.  As advertising dollars disappear, so will corporate original content.  So will high quality corporate news.  There will be a huge demand for grass roots creativity that reflects the experience of the new tech savvy, social networking, nonconsuming population with time to share.  There will also be a huge demand for high quality information, news, stories and interpretation.  Perhaps we’ll soon see a grassroots media revolution with contributions made by people with the time to produce content and distribute it through the social networking networks they have created.

Whereas time used to equal money, we are moving into an age where time equals relationships.  Whereas before power came with money, in an aesthetic economy with steward values power accompanies the strength and number of bonds that one maintains.

We are in the midst of a shift so radical it’s not imaginable in the media we’re used to supplying news.  Shifts in use of time are so fundamental they’re not recognizable until seen from the other side.  These changes, of course, are necessary.  It is time.


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