Ten years ago as this theory came together, then called “Shift Theory,” I imagined setting up a research foundation to explore the medical implications of the hypothesis. With the original impetus behind the research being an exploration of the origin of dragon and then serpent myths across six continents (see humanevolution.net), I titled the first site the Serpent Foundation. The serpent suggested, for me, the matrifocal origins of culture and the serpent as a symbol of the medical profession, a connection derived from those early societies.

With time I let the title drop. It seemed cultish and, in our culture, suggestive of something sinister. Visitors were sometimes confused. Confusion was not the effect I was looking for. Nevertheless, serpentfd.org is still a functional domain name of the original site, now going by the URL sexualselection.org.

Ten years later, I’ve brought in a research assistant, Rosanna Schatzki, to help me gather information and help write papers that will appear in this blog from time to time. Roger Olson continues his excellent editing as he has over the last year, having edited almost 400 pages of these essays.

Of the many conditions and diseases that lend themselves to interpretation by this thesis, I’m thinking of starting with breast cancer in males and females, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. There are a number of problems in evaluating the influence of hormone levels on these diseases. We’re hypothesizing several environmental conditions that can influence the results. I’ve noted in earlier essays how this may have compromised Norman Geschwin’s work. Geschwin and Galaburda’s Cerebral Lateralization has influenced much of what happens in this thesis. Still, this seems a reasonable place to begin since our hypothetical four social structures and associated hormonal constellations clearly suggest where specific kinds of cancers will congregate.

We make the following predictions. Unable to perform experiments or studies, we research the literature for support and contradictions to our positions. (T=high testosterone, t=low testosterone, E=high estrogen, e=low estrogen)

High female breast cancer is Classic Matrifocal Female TE/Male te.
High male breast cancer is Contemporary Matrifocal Female Te/Male tE
High prostate and testicular cancer Warrior Patrifocal Female tE/Male Te (and populations influenced by the pineal testosterone effect (see Introduction to the Theory of Waves).

We would not expect to see high levels of any of these cancers in Conventional Patrifocal Female te/Male TE or those Asian societies where sexual hormone levels are shifted downward to lower levels. (See Tentative Conclusion to the Estrogen Discussion)

There should be accompanying effects in related areas. Those with higher percentages of left-handedness, anomalous dominance and larger corpus callosums will likely exhibit higher percentages of breast cancer. There will likely be a close association with autism, Asperger’s, OCD, female borderline personality disorder and male narcissistic personality disorder.

We’d expect societies exhibiting high percentages of left-handedness to fit into Classic or Contemporary Matrifocal. These might be Nigerian Yoruba, Kwakiutl and others. We’ll look for evidence of elevated breast cancer in those societies.

I’ve hypothesized the influence of the change in light on migrating equatorial populations creating autism. This same effect will likely propel higher incidences of breast, prostate and testicular cancer as individuals in those populations are pushed to both hormonal extremes. Pretty much all the diseases and conditions we’re exploring should show elevated levels among this population. I’m also starting to wonder if these same effects might be influencing nonmigrant northern populations, having even possibly encouraged the Scandinavian paradigm with only the matrifocal prototypes preserved for their advantages in preserving vitamin A and D.

In the earlier piece, Latino Repercussions, I noted seven variables that skew the patterns that we seek clear evidence of. Variables that can influence what we are exploring include not only migration patterns and latitude issues (regarding light), but seasonal effects that include the possible influence of autumn allergies on a mother’s uterine hormonal levels, father effects revolving around how a father’s environment may influence his hormone levels, social structure changes in transitional times, social structure changes over the last few hundred years, cross-ethnicity pairings, multigenerational echo effects and the standard basket of environmental influences that influence hormone levels. Conducting this research is a little like playing basketball in a hailstorm on a slippery hillside.

This will take patience.


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    Bob & Claire, reading and watching you two enjoying this new chapter in your life is awesome. And it doesn’t hurt that you have a common friend, the one-and-only John Hoyle, helping make this all possible. Love you guys,Dick & Helen Kelly

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