Our culture is in denial.  We are telling ourselves everything is going to get better in a little while, or if not in a little while, a somewhat longer time.  Then we are thinking yesterday’s normal will return.  There seems little understanding for how far the foundation of our society and our accompanying beliefs have already shifted.  There also seems little understanding for how fast the acceleration is continuing.

Observing the Obama Administration interventions, it’s clear that many decisions are being delayed until a more powerful impetus emerges from below and a consensus or new conventional wisdom starts to surface.  Trillions are being spent to maintain the system that got us where we are.  This is not unlike a drug addict borrowing money to buy a better class of less toxic drugs.

Though a robust majority of citizens in this country support national health care and enhanced government services, the myth still lingers that the United States is qualitatively better than other societies with attributes having something to do with liberty, freedom, independence, innovation and creativity.  There is the story that has been told for many years that this country’s accomplishments, usually economic accomplishments, have to do with unrestrained creativity nurtured by an environment unencumbered by regulations.  Money spent to enhance the lives of people who are not engaged in the process of being creative to make more money should not be encouraged.

The media has started to turn away from this story line that encourages the maintenance of an elite.  The shift in story line is discovering creativity in the lives of individuals and innovation in what we as individuals create.  We are discovering creativity in the context of individuals serving communities.  With the collapse of the consumer economy founded upon the destruction of nonrenewable resources, we are discovering that our ties to one another offer deeper satisfaction than the accumulation of products that end up congregating resources in the hands of a very small group of people.

Where do we begin?  We need to tax those corporations and individuals accumulating the most resources.  Heavily regulate industries whose behaviors have repercussions outside their immediate circle.  The days of believing that we are not all interconnected are over.

Free college, great schools, free public transportation, guaranteed minimum income, single payer health care, free day care and two years of national service largely serving populations overseas.  Overseas commitments include a deep commitment to the United Nations, including an immediate end of world hunger with free health services for all.

This is the beginning, the foundation for a world society able to excel in the act of being human.  By taking care of one another, revering the community and acting from our hearts, real creativity will emerge.

The shift is already underway.


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