I’m shocked at the conclusion come to at the end of yesterday’s piece.  It is often the case that I begin an essay with only a vague idea of where we’re headed.  Sometimes the conclusion reveals possibilities that were nowhere on my radar when I began.

It seems from the work of Benjamin Whorf and other scientists and theorists that the Hopi manifest features suggesting ties to the left end of our left/right, matrifocal/patrifocal, anomalous dominant/conventional cerebral organization arc of features.  Exploring these kinds of societies, I’ve expected to see increased percentages of left-handedness along with a higher numbers of patients with diseases featuring specific hormonal constellations (see Introduction to the “Theory of Waves”).  What struck me yesterday is the possibility that those cultures have developed child rearing practices that decrease the likelihood of further drift in a matrifocal, male maturational-delayed, female maturational-accelerated direction.  Increased left-handedness and diseases and conditions we are hypothesizing are associated with matrifocal society, but they may only emerge when traditional child rearing practices are abandoned or there is an embracing of Western testosterone-influencing and estrogen-influencing societal practices such as high fat diets, alcohol consumption, drug use, lack of exercise, etc.

Two things are implied.  First, the point at which an aboriginal, pre Indo-European (such as the Basque) or traditional matrifocal society is evaluated may heavily impact the results.  It has a lot to do with whether there are child rearing practices that mitigate drift further to the left.  A left leaning society little impacted by Western contact will likely evidence far fewer of the specific diseases predicted by this model, including conditions like autism.

The second thing implied is that aboriginal societies, or perhaps societies like the Polynesians or the Basques, may offer specific ways that children are raised that Western women with high testosterone levels might utilize to prevent autistic disengagement.  I’ve suggested that constant touch, rhythmic music and a “caveman” diet might positively affect the child of a woman with high testosterone and provide the kinds of bridges that the child’s neurology demands.

While conducting our overview of ethnicities across the planet, looking for matrifocal societies that evidence the particular cluster of features that support our theory, we’ll have to take into consideration how much contact there has been with modern Western conventional societal practices.  I’m expecting that how we raise our children has a big effect on societal stability and a society’s ability to maintain its hormonal balance status quo.


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