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April 10, 2009 | 3 Comments

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The Basque culture has the last surviving pre Indo European language in Western Europe.

Marija Gimbutas in her The Living Goddesses describes the Basques as a society with several matrilineal traits still intact.  “Basque law codes give the woman high status as inheritor, arbitrator, and judge, in both ancient and modern times.” (p. 122).  In Gimbutas’s The Civilization of the Goddess she notes, “Brothers are given away in marriage by their sisters.  In all their usages, their social condition is one of gynaecocracy. ” (p. 348)

John Grinder, a founder of neurolinguistic programming, described a Basque child rearing practice that encouraged ambidexterity and cooperation.  Pairs of children were sent to the top of hills with two-handed tea cups.  They were then required to descend the mount without spilling any water, each holding one handle the whole descent.

Gimbutas notes that the Basques retained a lunar calendar and matrilineal laws of inheritance into the 20th century.  Equality of the sexes was the historical norm.

The Goddess Mari headed Basque pre-Christian religion.

A cursory review of what I can find on the web in an hour is not giving me much support for an ambidextrous or left leaning culture.  One odd entry suggests neotenous features.  I don’t see any disease anomalies though blood type and genetic results show a unique culture.

Visitors, if you have any leads to Basque individual or societal features suggesting any of the hypotheses of this website, comment below.


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  1. Jason Brink on November 28, 2009 12:38 am

    I am doing a research paper on the Basque and may be able to help you out a bit in your research in that direction. If you would like, I will forward you a copy of what I have found when I am done with it.

  2. Andrew on November 28, 2009 7:44 am

    That would be great! Thank you, Jason!

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