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April 14, 2009 | Leave a Comment

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As the U.S. and other governments nationalize more and more corporate assets, decisions will be made on whom to tax, what projects get cut and which new projects get funded.  At the same time, deep attention will need to be offered to voting integrity, grassroots media and high quality education.

The ancient forces of top-down hierarchical control will seek to take back management of these massive changes from the top where they are being legislated.  Controlling media, tainting elections while convincing people they are tainted so they won’t vote and preventing people from getting high quality information from a high quality education all serve to keep hierarchies intact.

Changes underway have to address process:  media reform, voting integrity and education.  Changes also have to address basic human needs here and overseas:  food, universal health care, reasonably priced housing, public transportation and child care.

Subsidies to American farmers and factories that discourage Third World participation in the world economy need to disappear.  Subsidies to the more than 100 countries around the world that supply American military bases have to be ended.  Close those bases.  With the nationalized GM, Ford and Chrysler, build small, light cars, hybrid vehicles, electric cars and public transportation.  Heavily fund public transportation.

The money to make sure everyone is fed and their health is cared for, to make sure that there is decent housing, very cheap public transportation and very cheap child care will come from the ending of the funding that keeps assets congregated in the hands of the very few.  That includes industry subsidies, military spending and corporate tax breaks.

The money to make sure people feel empowered with high quality information requires impeccable voting procedures, media that serve the community and not the corporations, and universal high quality education.  The federal government, not state or local governments, needs to be creating quality schools.

What will encourage change in this direction?  As people feel more empowered, the people will make more demands.  Young people will be expecting to get what they want.  Online social networking driving masses of people to take specific positions will result in a government taking seriously those needs.

Consider that the young in Egypt, unable to organize under permanent martial law, are using Facebook to drive citizens into the streets.

In Moldova Twitter is ballooning the numbers participating in protests.

Imagine a revolution not led by fiery-tongued males making general demands, but a revolution led by a long succession of amateurs creating extremely specific date-based calls for action through their social networking pages.  Like a tidal wave in a swimming pool, our society will be rocked by a series of grass roots demands having nothing to do with the way money has been allocated by the former conventional wisdom.

The transition will be ugly.  It will be necessary.  The transformation of a society that reveres the community, not just the individual that achieves success, will take an almost complete reversal of priorities.  The horizontalization of society has begun.


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