The Unbush

April 16, 2009 | Leave a Comment

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I thought for a while that we’d come to the end of cult of personality politics.  I was hoping our species had grown past the point of projecting the ideal parent onto our political leaders.  The world has grown so complex and subtle that no leader seemed capable of manifesting the mythology of the Good Dad or Good Mom.  It has been my hope that we were taking responsibility for own lives, our own futures, by not making politics about some person that would make things better.

Then came Bush II.  Evidently, we still require powerful stories to make the hard choices.  Bush chose to make himself society’s Judas to whichever Democrat got elected after his second term.  Just as Hitler was the personality that resulted in the uniting of 27 countries, almost 15% of the world’s nations, into a single unit, Bush is serving as the mythic focus compelling the horizontalization of the planet.  Obama is the UnBush.  Bush, like Hitler, will be haunting us, guiding us for generations.  (I am not suggesting Bush is like Hitler in other aspects.)

And so Obama is obliged to propel us forward while dragging our projections that he is special.  Yet, he is unable to legislate the future without it being obvious to a large number of us that massive transformation is required.  Again, Hitler comes to mind.  After WWII, the European nations almost immediately began the process of unification, integrating universal health care and social security into their rebuilding solutions.  Free university education and free child care followed.  For Americans to be willing to shift to a sustainable lifestyle that respects the individual while revering the community will require a deep humbling of our reflexive, entitled perspective.

When the American psyche is lying on the ground, beat to insensibility, then it will accept the value of a society that guides and nurtures those that are lying on the ground, beat to insensibility.

I used to get severe migraine headaches and anxiety attacks.  Deep in pain and/or emotional distress, I’d find myself negotiating with whatever the forces were that set up the situation where I was having the painful or terrifying experience.  I assumed I did something to make it happen.  I assumed that there was something different I could do to make the experience go away.  Migraine internal conversations were often made up of pleas for information on what I should do differently.  I felt willing to do anything to make the pain and the anxiety go away.

Over time, I changed my diet, slept regular hours, exercised, stopped working nights and weekends, meditated regularly and looked to be with people that brought me joy.  It slowly dawned on me that the pair and terror were not about what I had to do differently to have the pain and terror go away.  What the pain and terror were encouraging me to experience was feeling joy.

Along with our adulation, Obama gets our expectation, an expectation that he will behave in a way that will get us what we had.  When we realize there is no going back, legislation will reflect the new horizontal perspective, the view acquired while lying on the ground.  To experience the societal version of joy we have to behave like lives have value.  I’m figuring that we will have to be almost insensible with pain and fear before we will walk that path.  The fact that we are still making believe the Good Leader will be the one to change things suggests we have chosen to go about this the hard way.

The hard way is making the changes on our own.

There is really no other path to joy.


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