I’ve been cobbling together postings over the last year into an overview of how the various pieces inform an understanding of social change in contemporary times.  I’ve just begun the process of collating that content.

Listing features of my work that concentrate on societal transformation and global horizontalization:

• Myth, story and contemporary times
• Diet impacting pubertal timing, thus influencing the synthesizing capabilities of the brain
• The rise of autism and its connection to surges in matrifocal social structure
• Increases in innovation with rises in matrifocal social structure
• Youngest children immigrating and encouraging innovation
• High-fat diets encouraging matrifocal social structure
• The web is a reflection of surges in matrifocal social structure
• Neotenous features in males result in matrifocal social structures
• Aboriginal, poor, ethnic minorities and artists neotenizing society
• Online virtual realities suggest a return to primary process consciousness, a matrifocal feature
• Aspects of the Internet that encourage social change reflect matrifocal priorities
• The movement toward an aesthetic, stewardship, neotenous, sharing economy
• The two salesmen paradigms and the web (hard sell/limited area vs. soft sell/no boundaries)
• The unconscious nature of the societal transition (comparable to amnesia and hypnotherapy)
• The pluralist perspective vs. the fundamentalist frame
• The return of immanence and primary process (neoteny again)
• The connection of narcissism to creativity
• Culture as sexual selection gone wild, five-step evolution
• From the individual to the commons
• Redefining freedom from labor, environment, safety, consumer rights and taxes as free markets
• Shift in perception of time
• Shift from pyramidal to network frame
• Self awareness promotes change on a personal and societal level
• Differences between matri and patri male demonstration

It’s more than a little overwhelming how to make these related themes work together in a single narrative.  There are macro and micro relationships, large and small processes.


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