Marian Annett and others have concluded that those anomalous dominant individuals with two cerebral hemispheres the same size often exhibit astonishing intelligence and creativity.  Michael Fitzgerald’s Autism and Creativity describes the kind of intelligence that sometimes accompanies these people.  The males of the group are often very maturational delayed.

Individuals severely traumatized in early childhood are often maturational delayed.  It’s as if large parts of them are unable to easily progress in a natural fashion.  Resources are tied to the trauma at the maturational stage they were in when the trauma occurred.  Therapy can unclench the individual from that stage.  Resources released, they can continue to grow.

Is it possible that early trauma can impact an individual to reproduce a neurological environment similar to that experienced by those naturally maturational delayed?  If so, can early trauma result in the exhibition of both the symptoms and the occasional remarkable intelligence and creativity exhibited by those individuals?

Those with Asperger’s, autism and other conditions exhibiting maturational delay, such as stuttering and phonetic dyslexia, often have unique brains, a predictable cluster of personality characteristics and behaviors featuring OCD, perfect pitch and other features.  Are there situations involving trauma where children without this familial predilection acquire features of these conditions as a result of the trauma?

What is the evidence that early trauma can result in a surge in creativity or intelligence?  Clearly, the opposite is often the case.  What might be the specific circumstances that parse out the two?  When unusual intelligence or creativity is exhibited, might accompanying features of the personality approximate those with familial maturational delay?  Might there be specific, unique features of cerebral lateralization characteristic of those traumatized exhibiting high intelligence and/or creativity that are similar or identical to the familial maturational delayed?


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